Friday, December 09, 2005

Penang Jazz Fest highlights..

Sorry for the teaser, I haven't begun writing about my experiences in Penang yet, as I've been busy with some work since I came back. I was initially feeling rather reluctant to work (I didn't even practice since I came back from Singapore, even!), but have to lah.. anyhow, it's good work!

For some highlights and pictures of the second night of the Penang Jazz Fest, check out
AllDatJazz.Com website!

Update: Check out the Penang Jazz Festival review on the Kakiseni website here, written eloquently and objectively by James Lochhead.

I played last night at Shangri-la Hotel for the 30th Anniversary of the Sultan Of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah (he was our Agong for a term a couple of years back, remember?) and his wife. I played with members of the National Symphony Orchestra (we were name affectionately the KL Ensemble for the night), and some other outside musicians (like myself). We did a mixture of pop and jazz arrangements with strings and horns. Guest singers were Syafinaz (hot! hot!), Jaclyn Victor, and Sean Ghazi. Datuk Ooi Chean See even conducted two classical pieces (the Sultan's fave tunes) for the night as well. Was a fun gig, nonetheless.

Anyway, I'll be heading up to Penang again this weekend for a club gig... saxophone and DJ. I'm not sure where the club will be or if it's an open gig. But I'll be up there again.. which means, probably more gorging myself down with food!! Argh!!

Well, next week I will have some time to write about my PJF experience.

Till then... TTFN!

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