Sunday, December 25, 2005

KLIM training report (1)

Dear training blog,

My KLIM training didn't start out that great.

All my plans to run the last two weeks turned out rather lousily. I still ran, but not at the frequency that I wanted it to be. So much for base training. Only ran like twice a week. Somehow the motivation to train seemed to be eluding me.

However, I went out for a long run this morning on a beautiful Christmas morning with KT at Bukit Aman. We got there only about about 9am (very late for some, I'm sure). We saw Ronnie, Tey, and Adam Loh there. Instead of running in Lake Gardens, we decided to hit up Bukit Tunku.

The run started out quite okay, felt a bit heavy at the start, so I made sure I was running at an easy pace. We went the Olympic Run route, where we didn't go to the double hills exactly, but a short cut across, which comes out the Jalan Mahameru. Then we went into Jalan Sultan Salahuddin and came out back to Bukit Aman through the Tugu Negara. My run time just hit one hour exactly, and I finished the run feeling rather good, although not at the fitness I was at before.

Here are the stats for the Christmas Run:

Distance: between 6 - 7km
Time: 1 hour
Ave HR: 156bpm
Max HR: 175bpm.
PE: Medium

The hills, as expected, would've pushed up my heart rate quite a bit, but I made sure my Perceived Effort (PE) was on easy-to-medium. But it was quite a n enjoyable run. I just realised I hadn't had a real decent long run in a long time. My motivation has returned a bit. I hope next week I will really swing into training mode!

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