Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crystal Silence!

If you don't know what that means... it means, I went to see the great jazz duo, Chick Corea and Gary Burton, or the Crystal Silence duo, at the Malaysian Philharmonic Hall!

It was an incredible show, to see two great masters play together as the most known piano-vibes duo in the world. It is basically their reunion tour, and they recorded an album together about 15 over years ago. They're back, and even more kick-butt than ever! Chick and Gary played material from the Crystal Silence album, and some newer materials, such as Crystal Silence, Native Sense, Brazilia, and then some!

It was quite an experience, to see such intense musical interplay between the piano and the vibraphone, weaving through the undercurrent groove that mostly musicians and real music listeners can feel. Their compositions ranged from simple to complex, each with its own set musical challenges. But all-in-all, it's is an intense dialogue between two people, talking about experiences from the past, and relating it with the present!

Despite the breadth of the music, Chick lights up the room with his humor, taking a shot at the pre-recorded pre-show announcements that tells the audience members to switch off their mobiles and pagers, and not taking photos. To add to that, Chick takes another shot at the audience, telling them to treat the show like their living room, and that it's okay to take phone calls, talk when they like, to move around and the like. Sarcasm at its best, but it's just pure humor with a message to respect the music. Chick's a joker.

Favorite quote for the night, after Gary and Chick shows this incredibly long music chart, about 8 - 9 pages long... "We're jazz musicians... but we can read, too, you know??"

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