Sunday, March 11, 2007

'Twas a crazy, amazing (two) night(s)..

.. at the Top Room!!

The last two days at the Top Room @ Top Hat Restaurant was a blast with my band, Boplicity! We had to really good nights, with a fairly enthusiastic, appreciative and attentive crowd. Needless to say, it affected the band so much, we were all kickin' some serious butt (musically speaking) for BOTH nights. We did a mixture of the bop stuff, and some of Chern Hwei's compositions, such as Riders of The Lost Track, Manda's Mood, Chloeitchka, and a haunting version of Geylang (Si Paku Geylang).

Let's just say after both nights, I'm still reeling from the experience. It's really rare to see all the band members playing their hearts out like there's no tomorrow! I'm really glad to see it happen... it was a thrilling experience! It's an indescribable feeling, when you know you got some of the most interesting musicians in town, and musically we're all on the same wavelength (plus minus a few kilohertz)... an unseen connection that happens on and off stage.

Thanks guys!

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Violinuts said...

Yes, bitch, that's what I call music!! Yeah I was still thrilled by it too, now that I'm half a globe away.