Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hey all,

I'm typing in from Genting Highlands, in a Starbucks with FREE WiFi connection. The wonders of modern technology. To paraphrase my friend, Jiin Joo, Starbucks Malaysia should be awarded for doing something good for mankind. Anyway, just some accounts from a couple of days...

Missing Pictures!

Two days ago, I accidentally deleted a whole bunch of photos from my Macbook, and my external hard disk!! ARGH!! It wasn't even in the Trash compartment, and it just disappeared. Of course, it wasn't the computer's fault, just that I performed a bad copy and paste procedure which over-written the picture folder that I have, and now I couldn't find any of my pictures.. and I had LOTS of them!! Trauma.. but thanks to Ken, I managed to get a data recovery software, and after many laptop hours, I managed to recover quite a few of them back. Some of them were pretty messed, as all the labels have been replaced by consecutive numbers. Even the data information such as the date, time, etc of those pictures were gone. So now, when I get back home, I have to sit down for another couple of hours to sort those pictures out. Sigh.. I think I may have lost a lot of it already.

Queens College..

My application process to Queens College is already on the way... I've got all the necessary items to send the application. I will be sending it next week.. and I can't wait!! I'm so excited and anxious to get to New York.

Chern Hwei

My good friend, violin nut, Chern Hwei flew back to New York two days ago, after several weeks of holiday since Chinese New Year. He did a couple of gigs while he was here, and I think he was quite happy with it, including the one he did with my band Boplicity, and also with Greg Lyons' Groove Junky at No Black Tie. I'll be joining him in a couple of months in NYC, and hope we can do some crazy sh*t there!! YEAAAHH!!

See you in a couple of months, bro!

PS: CH is coming back for short while in July for a concert in KLPac, so go support him and check out some of his crazy stuff! Get a taste of NYC!

Jonathan Lee @ Genting

I'm really happy, and I've been looking forward to this show for quite a while. Well, ever since getting involved in this concert, it has been nothing but fun, and very educational in many ways, which I'll tell you in person if I see you. The reason, being I'm too lazy to type these days. Go figure. Anyway, doing a Malaysian concert would probably be a big highlight for me. Why? 90% or more of the band members for Jonathan's show are Malaysian! And I feel particularly proud, because it gives me faith that we Malaysians have something to offer to the world, contrary to popular belief! And I'm thankful to Jonathan for choosing us Malaysians to do your thang!

However, this time around, there won't be that many guests compared to the previous shows... only Sylvia Chang and Winnie Hsin this time around. But anyway, it's still Jonathan's show... and he's definitely the main man on stage. It'll still be fun for us. Oh yeah, Jiin Joo's joining us on trombone this time around. Regular Roger is stuck in NSO's Beethoven show at Istana Budaya... don't even get Roger started about it, he's gonna fume!

My family will be here tonight as well.. so they'll get to see the show, a good taste of what we've been doing in our crazy romps in China, since last year!! Ahaha..

Wish us luck for tonight.. it's gonna be fun!! YEE HAA!!!


april said...

hie.. just dropping by your blog from google search :P

WEll, regarding the Jonathan Lee's concert, do you have any idea on who is the violinist on the stage on that night?

Well, the rest of the musicians really did stand out performing good music.. very nice! Good work!

Julian Chan said...

Hi April,

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I hope you had a great time at Jonathan's concert! It was a big moment for a lot of us, and I thought the show turned out pretty well.

The violin player's name is Jian Qing, and he's from Beijing. He's quite a talented cat. He currently works with Jonathan, and almost all of the backup vocals were arranged by him, if I'm not mistaken.

april said...

woah.. The band was outstanding that night! I am very proud also that most of the musicians are from Malaysia.

Jian Qing looks very cute. hehe.. I was hoping for you to say that he is from Malaysia also. But too bad. Can see that he is very talented.

If I am not wrong, u were standing right behind on the left side of the stage right? I saw those with saxophones standing there.

Actually I prefer the guest singers more :P

Julian Chan said...


Yeah, i'm da fella at da back with the saxophones ;)

Well, a lot of people who listened to Jonathan's music didn't even know that he wrote those tunes that he did. And they were popularized by those singers like Karen Mok, or Emil Chau, etc. Or on the other hand, a lot of artistes became popular because of the songs that Jonathan wrote... it's quite a big deal, don't you think?

But anyway, I can understand that most people would identify more with the guest singers, because they've always been in the upfront, while JOnathan was always the guy who's behind in the scenes. He's definitely got his own character when it comes to his singing.. very expressive in his own way.

Ahahha... we've all expected that the gals would have a fit over the violin player.. ahhaha...

april said...

Haha.. too bad. the camera man seldom focus his camera on you at the back. Every time the violinist plays surely the camera man will focus on him. kekekee..

Or maybe the special or unique way of Jonathan's singing doesn't suit me. Maybe he is meant to write good songs for other artistes.

By the way, how many bands are you in?

Violinuts said...

Bitch I don't even know my shit is the taste of NYC! Haha! Just that it came out of nowhere and I happened to write it in NYC. But thanks for putting in good words for me!!