Friday, March 02, 2007

Java Jazz Fest.. here I come!!

Hey all!

As I'm writing, I'm packing up my stuff right now for the airport. I'm going to Jakarta for about 3 days for the Java Jazz Festival. I'll be playing for Aussie smooth jazz keyboardist Sam McNally, and we're doing the 11.30pm slot.

I'm so excited... I'm able to go see some of the best jazz acts in the world.... SF Jazz Collective, John Scofield, Bobby Hutcherson, Eric Marienthal, and more!! And this is my FIRST ever international jazz festival overseas! And I'm playing in it too!! YAY!!

I'm going to try to catch Eric Marienthal in person. He's always been an inspiration, and saxophone hero for me. I caught him playing in KL a few times way back in the 90s, and his contemporary jazz style of playing influenced me for quite a while. It was so much fresher and more exciting than the Kenny Gs or the Kenny G clones that came out after that. And of course, there was no such thing as "smooth jazz" back then.. just that GRP sound.. yeah!!

Anyway, I've no time to waste, I'll sign off for now. Wish me luck at Jakarta!!

Woo hooo... my first international jazz festival!!


piffles said...

congrats~! =)

aroengbinang said...

hmmm, it was a great festival indeed. wish to see you perform next time. cheers.