Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last summer shows!

Man.. time flies like a Japanese bullet train. It wasn't long ago, that I am back for summer holidays, and now the holidays are almost over. I had a lot of fun (and not-so-fun stuff, too) while I was back here. A lot of things transpired this past three months that have had a great effect on me. And I was working a lot.. like crazy actually! The moment I got home, I was already out for rehearsals for the WVC Trio + 1 concerts (and album recording), and trying to fight off jetlag at the same time... and everything else after that.

Anyway, I just wanted to update my last few shows before I fly off back to New York for another (almost) full year to finish my studies:

14 - 15 Aug (Fri & Sat, 10:30pm, free admission) : The Q Sound @ Alexis Bistro, Ampang

28 - 29 Aug (Fri & Sat, 10:30pm, free admission) : The Julian Chan Quartet @ Alexis Bistro, Ampang.

That's it for the summer break.. wasn't much of a break, really.. but I definitely had fun being back home in my comfortable bed, with home-cooked food, and simply just Malaysian food! Woooohhhh!!

Anyway, hope to catch you at the shows. Do come by and say hi. I may look like I will eat you, but I'm a big soft cuddly person inside (puts on Shrek's Puss in Boots beady cat eye looks!). ;)