Saturday, September 05, 2009

Back In NYC...

After a loooonnnnggg flight, I'm finally back in New York City.

It had been quite an interesting summer back in Malaysia, played a lot of gigs, ATE a lot of food, and met a few people. I guess my one regret is that I didn't get to spend as much time with the folks as I should have. Booked myself silly.. not necessarily the best idea. Probably won't try booking myself too much the next time around, and maybe will get the chill a little.

Flight to New York was much longer this time.. just because I had to take China Airlines. Flight to Taipei for transit was cool, although in-flight entertainment was rather limited, we got our own screens, but no on-demand. Then had to stay in Taipei overnight, which was alright, as I got to catch up with some old friends who were staying there now, and of course, ate a lot! Then from Taipei we actually flew to Anchorage instead (this wasn't in the itinerary), and the food wasn't as good, and the in-flight entertainment was worse. A general TV screen for everyone, and you can't even choose your channel(!).. dang!! Oh yeah.. I tried to ask for an aisle seat, but couldn't, only got window seat. But what was NOT cool was that I got seated NEXT to the emergency exit, which meant smaller leg space! Blardy hell.

Anchorage, in ALASKA (yes I finally got a small taste of Alaska!) was a short stop, got to see some nice mountain-top view (will post pics later), and also did the immigration there instead of JFK. So Anchorage turned out to be a domestic transit, so that was a good thing. But plane still sucked.

Now, I'm back sitting on my bed in my rented room in this house in Jackson Heights.. and it's back to my other 'life' now.

Welcome back Jules, to NYC! *and why the hell am I talking to myself?*

Time to get workin'..