Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Disagree's "Crumbs" at Hoobastank concert

I was surfing around in Jamtank, an online bulletin board for (mostly) Malaysian (wanna-be) rockers (with some occasional jazz fans like myself), and I happened to find a thread that referred to a review of da Hoobastank concert the last two days. The site, called Loudmusik, did the review, and they also included a video of Disagree playing their last tune, Crumbs. Being da only sax player there, I just couldn't help it, but hear myself play, and my, my.. not bad la... sounded pretty good. I mean, US la.. not just me... hahahahaa..

Well, enough self-praise (is no praise), here's the video. Enjoy it..

Gonna take a short break from training la.. need to make sure that any small, possibly hidden injury heals itself and recover. Might start again either Thursday, or Friday, if I get the chance. I'm leaving for Kuching on Friday morning for the Kuching International Jazz Festival. Hopefully it'll be fun. Kuching being a very open place, not cramped like KL, hopefully can do some nice scenic runs at least. It's always fun to run in a new environment...although not necessarily safe, if you don't know the place well.


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