Monday, August 16, 2004

Hoobastank concert - 15/08/04

No, this is NOT a review of Hoobastank..although I will comment a bit on the concert. For those who know me, they'd know I'm not a fan of Hoobastank. The reason I'm there is because I was playing for Disagree, who's the opening band for the Hoobstank concert.

I went there around 3:30pm, although I was supposed to be there at 3pm. I overslept la.. after the MPAJ 10km run as well as lack of sleep from Saturday night's gig (Alonso's Jazz Latino @ Alexis Bistro), I was a little flat out. Anyway, when I got there, Hoobastank was still soundchecking, I think they were doodling around or something. So basically me and the band, with another band, Vespertine (very good upcoming band, by the way), waited around backstage like FOREVER! Managed to chat up and get to know the Vespertine guys la, while waiting. So after like an eternity, we managed to get our soundcheck done. But because everything's so backtracked, the audience who were let in saw a preview of what Disagree was gonna perform that night. After that, lepak only la.. thought got room or place to lepak and makan, ended up just waiting backstage for an hour and a half with nothing but mineral water and Coke. Boring.

Vespertine started out.. really cool hard rock, psychedelic stuff (I think). Then Disagree played.. went well also. Interesting bit: They got a bunch of kids from a home (for broken family kids) to sing with them on stage like a choir. How endearing... (insert a big "Awwwww.." here).

Finished the show, then stuck around to watch Hoobastank play. They only played like for an hour I think (wouldn't expect anything more, they don't have that much songs to play). I think the bunch of kids that came, paid like rm100 over-something probably just to catch the band play their radio-hit tune "Reason", is it???? Maybe, maybe not. Generally, the band's okay la.. tight band, but not much of a big deal. What? So sue me.. I'm born in the late 70s, so I'm generally an 80s-90s baby boomer! The stuff I used to hear was so much more kick ass!


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