Thursday, August 26, 2004

Happy People Quintet @ La Bodega, Bangsar - Wed, 25 Aug

I had a show with my band, the Happy People Quintet, and featuring Maria Angela on vocals, last night at La Bodega, Bangsar. A good, and partially off day for me, because I was having a bit of a flu, sort of. Running nose, stuffed up lungs, weak-bodied. Even my trumpet player, Eddie was feeling under the weather... or weather-ladened, maybe? Theory has it that we may have had too much fun, laughing and blowing in Kuching, and at the same time breathing in too much haze, which resulted in us being sickly the last couple of days. Go figure..

Anyway, we did our soundcheck in the afternoon around 4pm. I was contemplating on whether I should go and join the KLCC gang (Jamie, Newton, et. al) for a run. Perhaps by going for a run, I could run off the flu and at least make me feel better for the night's performance. Oh well, I couldn't pass up a good run, so I went ahead to KLCC after the soundcheck.

Met up with with runners Jamie Pang, Kenneth Teh, Newton, and one of Jamie's friend (whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten) from Switzerland. These guys ran leisurely but pretty fast, and they could keep up with each other. Me, on the other hand, started out on their tail-end, and after about 10 - 15 minutes, those guys disappeared way in front of me! Wah liao.. malu siutt... hahaha.. I run damn slow la. Well, this only means one thing, gotta train up more, lose weight, and train some more. But I'm so fat, man... slowly la, I guess. Did about 6 rounds around the KLCC Park (that's about 1.3km a round, so that means about 7.8km) at 56:39. Hmmm.. okay also la. At least I know I'm slowly increasing my mileage. And that should help a fair bit with 10k distances. And I definitely need to increase my mileage if I ever wanna do 21km for the Singapore StanChart Marathon on the 5th Dec. Oh yeah, even Ronnie was there too. Boy that guy is fast! Anyway, after our run, we took some pictures. According to Jamie, it's very seldom that he could get together with so many runners in one session, so it's worth taking some pics la. Cool... here's a pic we took:

from l-r: Ronnie (pm1), Newton (pm18), Kwok Foo, Jamie (pm5), me, and Kenneth (pm20)

Later, I managed to get to La Bodega on time to perform with the band. Went quite well too. Although lung power was definitely down due to the flu, but overall I definitely felt better than before the run. Hmmm.. quite true also. A run can sometimes "run" away the flus!!

But when I came back home... PLOPP!!.. I was konked out on the sofa, with the tv tuned to the Olympics. I don't think I even lasted 10 minutes. Ahahha...

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