Saturday, October 23, 2004


Okay... now I got that going....

I was in the shower an hour ago, and I was just thinking of some stuff, and for fun and out of frustration, I came up with a theory: Everyone has at least ONE super-DUPER-kau-kau-FAK-ing BAD LUCK day in a year! If not, the BAD LUCK is usually spread it in smaller doses thru-out the year. Same goes for good luck. Well, for me, it happened yesterday!

The day started out alright.. woke up in the morning, went to KLIA to pick my parents, had lunch, came back, relax a bit, and then prepped myself to go to Mid Valley to watch Resident Evil: Apocalypse with my brother. So on my way there, after Taman Connaught, and before the East-West Link toll, my entire windscreen cracked.. with a bursting sound! That itself was a shock.. I stopped on the roadside with hazard lights on. Talk about mega-bad-luck man...

Anyway, I proceeded to try to break off all the glass and dump it on the roadside with the plywood from the spare tire compartment. But instead of going ballistic, I think I remained fairly calm.. even I'm surprised. Usually, I'll be like... (*%&#Q(*&$*$&Q(#&(#Q&% already. But I didn't.

Then when I almost finished breaking and clearing the glass, and trying to clean out the glass shards in my car, IT STARTED TO RAIN!!!! The rain didn't fall in one hard swoop, but started from gloomy clouds, then drizzle to full fledged rain. Can you believe it?? Mega bad luck. Luckily my brother who was on the way came to help me out. I drove slowly to the nearest petrol station, a Shell station, after the East-West Link toll. My brother brought with him one of those book-wrapping paper.. to tape it to my windscreen. But unfortunately, he only bought one piece, and it wasn't enough. And knowing rain, cellophane tape just wouldn't do to stick the paper... so what happened? Both of us ended up waiting at the Shell station, with hopes that the rain will recede and blow off. So, 3 hours later, it was still raining, albeit lightly. My dad then came to the rescue with a big transparent wrapping paper and paper clips! After clipping the paper on what was my windscreen, we made our way back to Kajang at 45 - 60km an hour.

Sighhh... there goes my movie.. I really, really need to lepas steam.. gonna try to wake up early to do a long run in the morning.

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