Friday, October 15, 2004

Started training again...

Yesterday (14 Oct), I went to Lake Gardens in the evening (around 5pm) for my training run. It was a nice, cool evening, as it was raining quite a bit, and receded to a drizzle when I started my run.

This marks sort of a start of my training for Singapore Marathon, of which I'm only doing the 21K. I was officially supposed to start training the last 3 weeks, but I inadvertantly took part in the Desaru race, which sorta breaks my SG-Marathon-being-my-first-21K thunder.. but who's counting? Anyway, that race probably meant more for me, than what would have been my first, come Singapore. I wouldn't know if I would get a medal at all in Singapore. But I did in Desaru.. so YAAYY!! Go babehh..

Eh hemm.. back. Anyway, timing seems to be everything, don't you think? There aren't any races this month due to the fasting month. It's like the perfect time for some of us to concentrate on our training.. mine at least.

So, I managed to crunch in about 6 - 7k in Lake Gardens, albeit slow. I seemed to feel a little lagged this time around, my heart rate is higher, etc. But I suppose I had it coming. I made a mistake of not doing easy jogs/runs after the Desaru and Powerman races. So here's a tip from a lazy fatso: Don't stay around idle after a race... must do some easy jogs, or walk, or swim, or whatever. Don't let your ass stick to your couch!

After that, recuperating a while, I did 4 GPs, or Gentle Pickups. It's a 21K training tip I got from
Runners' World. Gentle Pickups are 100 meter runs, where you start off running easy and gradually pick up the pace to an all out pace for 100 meters. Then you walk around or stop until your breathing returns to normal, and do another GP. It's a form of interval training as well, where the main objective is to train your muscles to get used to running faster than it does.

I also tried out one of PowerBar's new Protein Plus bars, Mocha Almond Fudge. It's lighter than the Vanilla Yogurt or the Chocolate flavours.. and easier to chew and eat.

At home, I also tried their new PowerBar Recovery drinks. Orange flavour. I think the Endurance Drinks taste better than the Recovery ones. But then, I'm not too picky about it, so I think it's okay. Not all good things taste good.. don't you think?

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