Sunday, October 24, 2004


Oh well, what a way to end the weekend. Anyway, continuing from Friday's boombastic episode, I sent my car to the workshop yesterday to have the windscreen replaced. But not after spending about 30 minutes to half and hour cleaning glass out of my car as much as possible and leave the rest to the workshop fellas. It'll be the first time I see someone replace a car windscreen. I purchased the laminated windscreen, as opposed to the tampered one, and I can see it ain't no easy job replacing one. The guy who fixed my windscreen like biasa only, but the way I see him work, from cutting out the broken glass primers (the adhesive that is used to stick the windscreen), blasting out all the glass pieces with a high-pressure air gun, reapplying the primers and putting the new windscreen... this guy is an artist man. Yeah, i'm talking about your average windscreen mechanic... the meticulosity of his work... whoever said working on cars is a lowly job... to do a good job, you need to have an artistic right brain, man... don't play play. But of course, you still get your hack-ed up half past six mechanics around here and there la. But this chinese, loud-voiced bloke is pretty good, man. So impressed. Yay.. got spanking brand new windscreen. Cost me rm695 (rm200 for workmanship.. worth the money), but insurance only cover rm500. Aiyah, better than nothing. Now only thing have to get my road tax done, and send the insurance claim. So that's that...

Anyway, I had a Sunday Buddhist class this morning. Had to go early, like checking in at 7am. Wah liao... but I really cannot tahan.. I had to go and run. I haven't ran since... Tuesday? Crap, missed two days of training. So you know what? I woke up at spanking 4am this morning, and went out to do a nice long run... 9 - 10k! Wanted to test out some posture and form concepts from Chi Running, where footwork was concerned. Anyway, I clocked 1 hour 8 minutes.. that was same as da recent Powerman race pace. Maybe I shouldn't have ran that fast? Nah, never mind la.. was pressing for time anyway. Anyway, some analysis of the run:

1. Chi Running concept of picking up your feet as your turnover. Really does take a load off from your lower leg muscles. Add that to the body lean, I think it does make me run a little faster. At least I think it felt like that.

2. Running while pressed for time is always not a good idea, but sometimes you don't have a choice. I think I may have pushed a bit too hard today. I tried running almost all the way, I only took 3 or 4 one minute walk breaks.

3. Trying out the Chi Running foot work, should start off doing less distance, so my quads are a little sore now.

4. Running is good to release pent-up tension, man! And running is a vicious cycle, you run to get rid of adrenaline, but adrenaline comes back and makes you want to run some more. And if you don't run, you get antsy... tension sial...!

5. I can't believe I can wake up that early this morning... and I only had about 2 hours sleep, or half-sleep.. I couldn't really sleep also. Well, when you gotta run... you gotta run... (Jamie, wish I could join you guys at Bkt. Aman, tho!).

6. When designating a day to do a long run, make sure there's nothing else on the day's itinerary... I think I must have slept donkey amount of times in my Buddhist class.. and I'm immune to caffeine... so coffee doesn't do diddly-squat for me..

7. Got chased by a dog also, like Azwar. So instead of running away, I stood my ground and growled back at the mutt.. poor animal got freaked, it braked on it legs, thinking that I might eat him or something.. hahaha... well, the fact that I keep a dog also helped la. Used to be freaked out about dogs.. last time I was cycling down, I kena chase by dog, I fell on gravel, and my left knee had to get god knows how many stitches.

Well, I'm tired as hell, wanna have a nice good sleep... ciao...

Oh yeah, I think I might be going to Boon Foo's to look at some bikes with Greg... yee haa!

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