Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Got my PC back... sluggish...

Hmm.. got my PC back about 2 days ago. But it ain't working as well as it should. Keeps hanging and stuff.. talk about messing me up. Not only that, the computer tech didn't save my data on my Microsoft Outlook, so I lost quite a lot of archived data that I usually sync with my PDA. Sigh.. at least I still have my recent data on my PDA, so not too bad la.

I'm feeling sluggish the last couple of days after last weekend. Maybe it's because I was in a busy period the last two months (went by really fast, by the way) from performances and gigs, did quite a lot of races since June and suffered some of them too, and maybe even sleeping late...down to my watching Buffy DVDs. This could also be post-gig depression blues... maybe a little bit on post-race blues, or rather post-vacation-cum-race blues.. buggaa.. or all of the above. Didn't even practice at all. I better get myself together by next week. I'm so behind on a lot of things.. practice.. practice.. practice.. and a bit on training also. Oddly enough, there aren't that much races within the next couple of weeks before Singapore Marathon, only about one or two, I think. So I hope that will allow me to concentrate on my training.

Oh yeah, tomorrow, I'm going off to Kota Kinabalu for holidays with some of my Kajang friends. But the trip is already not on the way as planned. There were supposed to be five of us going, but two of us bailed, due to work commitments. So it's only three of us, and one of our friend's girlfriend. Hopefully she's got some pretty friends we can meet over there. Oh yeah, hopefully can find places to run. I've been to KK before, and it seems really, really nice there. So it shouldn't be a problem.

Sighh... I need a life... actually, I just feel like sleeping all day. Shitteee... on the other hand, feel like running also... ARGH!

I want a bike... a nice road race bike... very itchy for one, after seeing those triathletes..

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