Friday, July 15, 2005

Bad flu...

I'm down with a flu... a BAD one, at that too.

I'm not entirely without blame. Wednesday was a long day for me. Went for a nice run at KLCC park, and then later on I had to work at Cotton Club. My mistake: Staying up too late.. I went home at 6:30am in the morning. But the worse part, I had to get up by 12pm to go to a rehearsal. That's when the flu bug hit, started off getting chills.. then slight body aches.. later on came the headache. And I had to work yesterday night as well at Cotton! I was almost collapsing, at least it felt like that, towards the last set. Luckily there wasn't anyone left when we did our final set, so I decided we stop a little early. But when you're having a flu like that, the whole night of playing felt EXCRUCIATINGLY long. Then I went home and tried to sleep through the throbbing headache, fever, body ache, and even a throat inflammation.

I had to miss a gig today. Was supposed to do a Mercedes function with Noryn's band, but I had no choice but to pull out last minute. I still feel like shit this time in writing.

Oh god, please heal me quick! Got to work the next two days!!

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