Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More gig updates..

I've just updated the Upcoming Performances section. So please do check it out, and come for some of the shows. I'm personally involved with these shows. Here are some highlights:

Julian Chan Quartet @ Cotton Club, July Week 3:

13, 14, and 16 July (Wed, Thur, and Sat) - More straight-ahead jazz from bebop, hardbop to jazz standards from me and my band, with special guest singer each day. So come and check it out.

17 July - Kampong Fest @ Desa Blonde, Bt 12, Hulu Langat:

I'll be playing with Alonso's Jazz Latino group in this interesting little gig outing, in the middle of the kampung area in Hulu Langat. There'll be more acts from traditional acts, jazz, latin, and more. Click on the link above to check for more details.

Sunrise Jazz and Rhythm Festival:

23 July - Noryn and Soulfingerz
Expect some really funky jazz and R&B music from this cool group.

29 July - Alonso and Jazz Latino
Burning latin jazz music from this group led by Alonso Gonzales.. the real Colombian deal!! They'll be featuring Amir Yussof as well.

5 August - Greg Lyons Nonet
A 9-piece ensemble, with six horns and rhythm section, performing tunes from Greg Lyons' original repertoire and others. Expect some real cutting edge jazz from the top saxophonist/jazz musician in town!

6 August - Farid Ali "Mr. Gambus"
The Malaysian George Benson?? Not anymore.. the man has come a long way to his own voice, his own identity! Check out what the does with the Malaysian traditional instrument, and how he blends it with his own jazz influence! Oh yeah... buy his album, Turning Point, and listen to what Malaysian jazz is!

Just a plug for my friend...

6 August - GruvAvénue
Formerly known as Black Machine, this new band is led by bassist Vincent Ong. Finally another musician who has come to his own, and he's just released his new self-titled EP. Listen to some chill-out music from this group. Buy their EP as well, and listen to the cream of the crop of the new blood in the jazz world of KL!

PS: Thanks Farid for them corrections... that's what happens when you're half-asleep updating your blog..

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