Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dogs, gas, and Sunrise Jazz Fest..

Guess I was wrong... almost, anyway. So here it is, it's self-explanatory:

Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Fest 2005

Here are the shows I'll be involved in:

23 July, Saturday (11 - 12.30am) - Noryn and her Band (Soulfingerz)
29 July, Friday (11 - 12.30am) - Alonso and The Jazz Latino feat. Amir Yussof
5 Aug, Friday (11 - 12.30am) - Greg Lyons Nonet
6 Aug, Saturday (11 - 12.30am) - Farid Ali, "Mr. Gambus"

More info later on.

Come over and enjoy and support live jazz music in KL!


Went for a dog training session at Section 5, PJ today to send my dog, Sparky, to obedience class. Sort of MY first day there, my parents went there for the basics class the last couple of months ago. It was a rather interesting experience, seeing so many different breed of dogs and their owners, the personalities of the different dogs around, and of course.. some of the pretty gals that were there la. Ahahhaa... if I knew there were pretty owners with dogs, I would've gone for dog training class from day 1 before! LOL!

Seems to me dog training class has started to become a favorable weekend past time for a lot of families. It's kinda cool.


On the way back from dog training class, my car broke down on the highway (Cheras highway). Was running on empty (read: no more fuel). Was feeling pretty stupid.. hahaha.. I overestimated how much fuel I have left in my gas tank. But at least now I know fairly accurately how much gas my car uses.

Lucky for me, it broke down not too far from a nearby Petronas gas kiosk on the opposite side of the highway. So I just had to walk my way there with an empty 1.5L bottle and filled gas, walked back, filled it in my gas tank. The car managed to start, and I slowly drove to the same station to pump full tank.

Funny part about the whole fiasco, most people will be going bazookas over a situation like this. But I felt cool.. unperturbed. I suppose it's just that I know I've experienced worse than this. My dad once owned an Audi CD 100 series 1985 re-con car. But it was so plagued with problems from spare parts breaking down one at a time. At one point a few years ago, I was driving it around for a week without any problems, except the air-con, maybe. And I was driving it to and fro, from Kajang to Shah Alam for several days for a string of gigs. After that gig was over, I was happily driving that car to catch a show at No Black Tie one evening. I stopped in front of Phoenix Plaza in Cheras (there were traffic lights in front of that place, previously, but it's taken down now). I was in the front of the traffic light, in the middle lane. Next thing I knew, the car went dead. I couldn't start, and the battery meter had no indication. And it was as hot as an oven in the car. I couldn't move the car because it was so heavy, and it was an incline slope! I looked back after several minutes, and found that I'm one of the major cause of a traffic hold-up almost all the way back to the toll plaza! I was helped by a cop and a motorist slightly later to move the car up-slope to the side of the road where I eventually called for a tow truck. It was a harrowing experience for me, and after that I absolutely refused to drive that car, even if you gave me a million dollars. I dubbed it the Devil Car!! It's still scrap somewhere in one of my dad's friend's workshop! I can truly empathise with car owners whose car breaks down in the middle of the road and all. You won't know what it's like until you experience something like that! LOL!

What a nice Sunday...

Have a good weekend, y'all!!

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JonnyDragon said...

Hey sax man,

was looking for articles on the peformance and found your blog by accident. I had a good time on Friday. Thanks for your support!

I am preparing a DVD of the show for everyone. Not professional quality but it may come in handy, even if you just want to get off on yourself :-)

Who maintains your site? I am looking for someone to revamp mine for me.

"Talent is long patience" - J. K Rowling