Saturday, July 23, 2005

Week of Hell...

I've had that flu since I last wrote. And it didn't seem to get any better. The fever comes then goes, and comes back again! To top that, there were several events along the way to make it worse.

Friday 15 July
I had to miss the Mercedes gig I promised to do, with Fariz's band, because I could even barely pick myself up. Luckily, Kevin was able to sub in for me!

Saturday 16 July
Still felt like shit. I could hardly move around without feeling woozy, on the verge of blacking out. Stayed in bed all day. I was supposed to play in Cotton Club that night, but I called in some replacements.

Later on that night, I woke up and I found I had multiple missed calls from my agent, with a message saying there was no drummer and no singer. Another terrible headache. I called John to find out if he found a replacement for the night. And he didn't. Later he found one. I get a call from my agent's boss, and basically got the low down on the dire situation at the club, and the stupid management people at the club was giving them a hard time as well.

Sunday 17 July
Had to get up and drive to Hulu Langat early in the morning for the soundcheck for the Kampong Fest gig. Still felt like shit, I wasn't even sure if I could play. So while waiting for set-up, I just tried to rest around the area. When it was soundcheck time, I took out my horns, and I found out I didn't even have the strength to press the keys on my horn, much less play. Told Alonso I had to leave to rest, and I have to miss the soundcheck. If I didn't get home to rest I wouldn't be able to play at night. So, I drove home to rest some more.

Woke up in the evening, and still feeling like shit, I had my Dad send me instead to Hulu Langat. It was raining. By the time I got there, they've moved the band indoors into one of the huts to play. When we finally started playing, I could barely play properly, but I just tried to muster as much energy as possible. In fact, during one or more of the songs, I could've almost passed out, I just put my horn down and sat down instead to avoid passing out and getting knocked out.

Luckily, Alonso kept the set fairly short. We packed our stuff and I waited for my dad to pick me up. I could barely keep myself conscious for most part. Once I got home I just headed straight to bed.

Monday 18 July
Woke up thinking I'm feeling a little better, but was wrong. Still felt like shit, the fever comes and goes. Decided to just sleep and rest for most part, or just chill out at home.

Oh yeah, I got a call later from my agent, and my band got terminated from Cotton Club, due to several problems including Saturday's fiasco. So that's it for Cotton Club for me.

Tuesday 19 July
Went to see the doctor again, and she suggested I went to the hospital for a blood test to see if it was dengue fever. So my parents brought me to Pantai Cheras Medical Center, did my blood test, and I got admitted for suspected dengue. Although the initial blood test said it was negative, but the doctor said it probably will become dengue after the next day. I also had very low white blood count. So there I was with a needle up my hand with a drip, and I had to stay in the ward for observation.

Wednesday 20 July
Bored at the hospital. My parents brought in my iPod and the DaVinci Code which I was halfway through. Thanks for that.. so I wouldn't get so bored. Still had low white blood count.

Thursday 21 July
White blood count gone up but still very low for normal. But the fever's gone. I got discharged. But I still feel weak. My brother now got admitted instead for suspected dengue also.

Luckily it wasn't the serious dengue fever, man. But I've already missed so many gigs including the Sunrise gig this weekend and also the Nonet gig with Greg at Alexis. Sigh. I just hope I get better by next week. I have to start practicing for the other coming gigs.

PS: Thanks to der pacemaker guys for the well wishes while I was at the hospital.... and also all those who sent theirs too! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it all.

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