Friday, July 01, 2005

New shoes.. YAY!!

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New Balance 890

Check it out babehhhh.... check it out... mah new spankin' rubbers... umm, I meant running shoes:

They're New Balance 890 shoes, cushioning shoes. It'll be my first time trying out a shoe which is not a stability shoe or a motion control shoe. For the jargon-illiterate, stability or motion control shoes are running shoes meant for those feet that pronates a bit to a lot (over-pronation). Pronation (roughly) explained, is the "roll" of the foot, when it lands on the ground, to absorb impact and distribute it evenly. Check out this
site for some more detailed explanation.

You see, I'm a flat-foot. Typically, flat-footers are over-pronators. But it seems in my case, i'm not a severe over-pronator (I think), as I've not had the typical problems faced by over-pronators. Usually I buy shoes which are either stability-based or motion-control, but mostly stability based. The shoes I've bought were previously Reebok Premier Roads (good, but heavy), NB 765 (good stability shoe), NB 717 (stability/motion control for moderate to severe over-pronators), and the NB 766 (stability/motion control; NB 765 upgrade, the best i've had so far). Anyway, I went to Albert's at BB Plaza to check out some shoes, and he recommended the NB 890, it's a new stock. I was a bit apprehensive at first, because it wasn't a stability shoe, but I decided to try it out. Ran on the treadmill and it seemed okay. Tried another one, the NB 754, and it was almost the same, expect a little more firmer and lighter in weight. Dunno why I decided on the 890, maybe it looked more cooler??? AHahha..

Read about NB 890 here at the Runners' World Shoe Reviews page. Read about the NB 766 here.

Anyway, I gave it a try today at KLCC park, but I'd try them with my Foot Solutions orthotics. I ran for 4 laps = 5.2k, plus one lap warm-up of 1.3k. All I can say is, the shoes are fast babe!!!! To put it in an analogy: It's like driving from a 1.3L car to a 1.8L car! The shoes are much lighter than my other shoes, and it felt so easy and responsive during the toe off! It is almost too fast to handle at the mo! But they felt nice and light. I think I will definitely save them for races, and occasional training.

I would have to try them with the normal insoles to see what happens, too. It might or might not work for me, who knows... wah.. talk about a big risk buying a shoe! And you'd think buying a running shoe was that simple! But when you know about these things, and you see other (less knowledgable) people run in, god knows what kind of shoe, you'd think twice too! And I've heard of people who've bought the wrong shoe and ended up suffering for it, with knee injuries, illitobial band, or whatever.

Anyway, met up with Jamie, Newton (who wasn't running due to injury), Yong (whom I met at SJ 10K) and Justin at KLCC as well. The weather was soooooo nice to run in. KLCC park is a bit warm usually, due to the surrounding buildings and lack of greenery, and there's a certain section of the track right after Exxon Mobil heading towards the mosque, before the 700m, that has a "heat wall". Where the wind stops and all you feel is this blanket of heat for a moment. Wierd.

Yay.. new shoes! Hehehehe...

Later matey!


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Lizy said...

Great shoes you have!Cool pics!I suppose they are Timberland shoes,arent they?