Monday, July 04, 2005

This Weekend: "GruvAvénue™" @ Alexis Ampang

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Here's a show to go for:

“GruvAvénue™” – featuring Ms. Rachel Guerzo

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“GruvAvénue™”, formally known as “Black Machine”, is founded by double bassist and band-leader Vincent Ong in June 2001. The rest of the line-up includes the finest young names in Kuala Lumpur’s ever growing jazz circle – Charles on Drums, Clement on Keyboards & Shazee on Saxophone.

Their performance repertoire consists of original compositions as well as re-arrangements of standard jazz and pop tunes. It aims to showcase jazz music in a wider spectrum, by creating interesting arrangements, as well as injecting elements of urban and elegance with a contemporary twist. Fabulous veteran songstress Ms. Rachel Guerzo would be joining the “GruvAvénue™” for their Debut EP preview at Alexis. A prodigy blessed with sultry voice, she frequented the local jazz clubs and lounges since the 90’s and has remained a staple in local jazz circles. The “GruvAvénue™” will perform at Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar, Great Eastern Mall on the 7th & 8th July 2005. A preview of their up-coming self-titled EP would be included exclusively for Alexis’s patrons.

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