Friday, May 07, 2010

Recital is DONE!!

It's done... over! I've finally finished my graduation recital!!

Well, I'm not going to do a post-mortem of it.. well, not right now anyway (my dad took videos, so if it's good I'll post it up youtube, if not, it's going into my archives! LOL!).  I'm not sure how it went really, but I had a great time playing, anyhow.  It was a thrill no doubt.

But I'd like to take this opportunity to give thanks to a few important people, not just for the recital, but for a whole lot of other things that made my New York experience a special one:
My parents - for their unending support, love and guidance! No words can express my gratitude for you.

My professors - Pr. Antonio Hart, Pr. Michael Mossman, Pr. Howard Brofsky, Pr. David Berkman.  Your guidance, knowledge, wisdom, and friendship is something I don't think I could get anywhere else.  I feel eternally blessed that I've been given the opportunity to study with all of you, there is no replacement for the experience I've had with all of you!  There are lots more to learn, and I hope I can still continue to learn from you, even after graduation.

My teachers/seniors back in Malaysia: Greg Lyons, Thomas Theseira, David Gomes, Junji Delfino, Michael Veerapen, Jose Thomas, Farid Ali, Mac Chew, and many others.  Thanks for giving me a big head start on something that I wouldn't have thought I had any chance or talent to be in.  Your friendship and guidance is also something that could not be replace by anything in this world.

All my Malaysian mates, both musicians and non-musicians - your support, friendship, and talent is something which has lighted my way in more ways than one.  You all are part of who I am today.

My QC mates - thanks for your friendship, and your musical knowledge! I've learnt so much from playing and hanging out with of you!  Looking forward for more!!

Fung Chern Hwei - thanks brother... 'nuff said! "Raisins"? ;)

My bandmates for my recital: Jens Ellerhold, Michelle Marie, Ayako Sato, Rozhan Razman, Carlos Mena, Fung Chern Hwei, Yu-Chen Han, Chi-Jui Lee, Muneyoshi Takahashi, Rob Mosher, Jackson Hardaker, Sengkook Ha - Thanks for making it happen!!  Whatever happened (or didn't happen) in the recital, it doesn't matter.. I just hoped you guys had fun as much as I did! BIG THANKS!!

I'm DONE!!


Now, the future beckons...

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