Friday, January 07, 2011

Hello Pittsburgh..

Hi all..

I guess this is my once in a blue moon blog post... I haven't found much impetus to write a lot online these days...I guess it's also the inevitable result of fast social networks like Facebook and Twitter, right?

But anyway, greetings from Pittsburgh. I'm sitting on a rest area (with couches and TV) in a shopping mall, with Cher Siang reading a book, while waiting for fellow WVC TRiO member, Adam Osmianski, to finish teaching at a school and picking us up and taking us a club called CJ's for a jazz jam session.

Just in case you're in a blur of what's happening, this band is sort of in a small U.S. tour right now. This is in conjunction with Cher Siang coming to the US visiting New York City. What a good opportunity to do some gigs here in the US, right?  So, anyway, we did our first (of three) shows in NYC in a nice place called Spike Hill, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  We played one 45 minute set, and basically got paid by tips.  Luckily there was still a small crowd that came, even though we were the first band to go up (of three bands that night) at 8pm.  I think some CDs were sold too... so that's always a nice thing.  The band kicked ass, and I think overall it went well.  I wished I played better though.. haha..

Anyway, we're now in Pittsburgh, and we are playing 3 sets at this place called Little E's tomorrow (Friday Jan 7th), and we're joined by a Pittsburgh bassist, called Tony DePaolis.  Quite a killer bass player, he basically sight-read the music, and pretty much nailed all of it during the 4-hour rehearsal we did.  I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow night.

Next stop after Pittsburgh is Morgantown, West Virgina, where we'll be playing at the Creative Arts Centre (CAC), in West Virginia University, Cher Siang's and Adam's alma mater.  There'll be some masterclasses/workshops as well I believe.  Can't wait to check out some new places.

Pittsburgh is a nice town, less urban density than in NYC, but still pretty urban in the downtown area.  It seems to me it's mostly located on a hillier expanse.

On another note, looks like things for me will be a'changing again soon.  Some of you already know what it is, but I will write about it next time. :)

Till then.. be safe everyone.

Later, peepz.

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