Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dunno what title..

Ahahha.. I'm so malas to come up with titles to put on the start of each post. But anyway, just a brief (hopefully) post about the last couple of days, that I want to blog about..

Tuesday -

Messing with my bike..

Messed around with with my bike's front derailleurs (the gear that shifts the chain around where the pedals are). I was messing with it, cos some of the gear combinations were noisy, where the chain actually touches the derailleurs. And guess what.. I totally messed everything up. On the front derailleurs, there are two screws to adjust, one for high gear, and one for low gear. Problem was, I didn't know which was which? At least the rear derailleur had an 'L' or 'H' marked onto it, the front derailleur didn't! Had to stop halfway cos I had to go teach a saxophone class.

Greg Lyons interview on Traxx.FM...

The class ended in time for me to head back to my car (I make housecalls too) to listen to Greg's interview. I drove all the way back listening to the station and the interview, hung around in my car (I don't have a decent radio in my house) to listen some more, and then finally went on the internet broadcast instead (wah.. RTM actually got internet broadcast.. I thought they'd never make it!).

Interview went good! I was so glad to hear Greg's tunes from his debut album as a leader, Island To Island on national radio. I hope this will lead to better tidings, where Greg's music is concerned. And not to mention some really great jazz music selections that was played on air, from Branford Marsalis Trio The Dark Keys, Kenny Garrett with What Is Thing Called Love (from the Standard Of Language album), Norman Brown, Sade's Sweetest Taboo (to pay Traxx.FM's bills, according to Maya...*LOL*) and some more. Greg's musical selection from his CD collection included two tracks from his album, Suraya and Out from the Shadows, Wayne Shorter's Schizophrenia, Oliver Nelson on The Shadow Of Your Smile from his Sound Pieces album (check out the beautiful soprano tone and playing!), Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay with the distinguished saxophone player, the late Joe Henderson. John Scofield's I'll Take Les (with the late Eddie Harris) closed off the show. Great job, Jezza and Maya of Traxx.FM!

Check out the interview write-up here (courtesy of

By the way, don't miss out Greg Lyons' performance at Avanti's Restaurant Sunway, with the Greg Lyons Quartet, this Friday night.

Wednesday (yesterday) -

Messing with my bike, part 2..

Woke up (late) fresh, and started on my bike gears again, after my breakfast. Eventually I actually managed to get it adjusted fairly nicely to ride. So, just before afternoon set it, I geared up and took the bike out for my first short workout ride!! Yay!

I took it out from my house, onto the Cheras-KL Silk Highway. I initially planned to hit only until Saujana Impian (which is about just 3km from my house), but adrenaline got the better of me, and I rode out onto the highway all the way to the Sg. Long interchange (5km ++ from my house), and doubled back to Jalan Cheras (old way), then turned in to the Saujana Impian exit and headed to Saujana Impian. Exited out into the Sri Jenaris-Sg. Kantan exit (a part of my running route as well), and rode home. Took about slightly over 45 minutes in total and covered about 10+ km. It was pretty fun, and exhilirating! I just didn't like the traffic though, hard to cross the road. Traffic in Kajang has gone from bad to worse these days, and Malaysian driving etiquette didn't help much either.

Fantastic Four @ Mid Valley..

After a quick job in Uptown, PJ, in the smack of peak-hour evening, I decided to head to Mid Valley to kill time instead of going home, and waiting in the peak-hour jam. Tried my luck and headed up to the cineplex, and guess what, I was just in time to buy a ticket for the 7.30pm show for Fantastic Four (it was the only screening that day).

Show was fun, not that big a deal. Just plain fun. Good for the kids. And adults too, apparently.

I was sitting next to a bunch of ladies (late 30s probably), very housewife-y type, I think. I think one of them was pregnant too. I was looking around, and I saw quite a number of people. They looked like either they were just off-work, or they're out of their house (if they work) in their available spare time for the day. I guess this might be the best time for anyone to check out a movie. While watching the movie, she was making comments throughout the show, apparently quite surprised by some aspects in the movie... like Reed's elasticity, Johnny's fire antics, etc. Usually I might have been irritated, but the more I heard her, I realised that she was really, REALLY genuinely surprised with it (even though the Nokia ad prior to the screening always says... Don't engage in dialogue with the cinema screens!!.. or something like that). It's like they have never seen anything like it before. How amusing... :)

Oh well, there are definitely worse people la.. especially those who don't switch off their mobile phones (at least put on the damn silent mode la, a-holes!), and talking LOUDLY when answering their calls WHILE the show is still on!

Oddly enough, no mobile phones rang during the screening! Wierd..

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Okay.. not so brief after all... so sue me.

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