Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gym... running on treadmill

Went to the gym, Fitness First, a couple of hours after an almost heavy lunch with Justin and Vincent and wife, Sun, at Chilli's at BSC. Wanted to go to the Wisma John Hancock one, which was nearby. I went in, parked my car, went up the lift, only to find out I do not have my gym membership card! I searched in my wallet and my card wallet, but no luck, it wasn't there. Then I began thinking back on when I was last at the gym.... oh yeah, the evening I was running at KLCC Park, on the day just before I started getting the dengue fever. That meant I was last at the Menara Maxis Fitness First... which was like THREE weeks ago! Wow.. I left my card there that long?

Then I thought back again... am I sure I left it there? Decided to try my luck. So I drove all the way to KLCC Park, parked at the mosque (parking's cheaper mah!!!), and walked with my gym bag to Menara Maxis. Once I got into Fitness First, I asked the counter girl if I've left my gym card there. And true enough I did! This is like the SECOND time I left my gym card at FF Menara Maxis.... blardy hell! Oh well, at least I left it there, and not somewhere else, right?

So I proceeded to change and begin my workout. Went on the treadmill and started running. Did a slow 5K which took me slightly over 40 minutes. I ran and regulated my heart rate to around 80 - 82% of HRmax. And not running for so long, I would expect that my HR would go up pretty fast, and I didn't want to push it. So, I kept the treadmill at around 7 - 7.5kph. Managed to run through the whole thing without stopping.

Then, after the 5K I stopped and did some of those weight training machines (*snore*). After about half an hour (could be less... weight machines are so boring lah), went back up the treadmill again and finished off my workout with another 2K, but ran it at a slightly higher pace just to get a slightly harder workout.

Slowly.... slowly getting my running form back (and making full use of the rm100 over I'm paying for that damn gym... which I use more as a shower facility than actual workouts! Damn.). Now I'm just waiting for the haze to really clear so I can start running outside.

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