Sunday, August 07, 2005




Thanks to those who came for the Sunrise Jazz performances this weekend, for Friday with Greg Lyons Nonet, and last night with "Mr. Gambus" Farid Ali. I hope you've enjoyed the shows.

I have to say, this weekend is probably one of the more interesting and happening weekends this year (or this month, at least!). To be playing two happening and musically interesting gigs in two consecutive nights is quite a surreal experience! Also, feeling like this after recovering from dengue fever... I feel so refreshed! I feel like I'm back in this world again!

One of the best parts of Friday's gig and last night's gig was that there was still a considerable number of audience who stayed throughout the whole show! And there were listening to the music and enjoying it! It's such a pleasant experience... to say the least! It's quite a rarity, for sure. Maybe the audience want to catch something interesting, musically, this time around??? Either way, we had a great audience these two nights.

Personally speaking, I think this weekend is probably the most musically interesting weekend in the entire festival! I'm not saying this because I was playing in both nights, but in terms of the musical content! Both bands, or rather, all THREE bands, including GruvAvĂ©nue™, played almost all original material! And all of them interesting!!

Oh yeah.. congratulations to GruvAvĂ©nue™ for a kick ass show!! Great job guys! Keep it up.

(oh yeah.. now I can rest for a couple of days and recuperate from this weekend!! It's been quite a hectic week)

Just a quick gig plug:

Next week: "Mr. Gambus" Farid Ali at Alexis Bistro, Ampang! Stay tuned for updates!

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