Monday, April 24, 2006

HPQ @ The Top Room...Our first rehearsal for the Jonathan Lee World Tour..

The last two days were our Happy People Quintet gig at The Top Room @ Top Hat. Read and see all about it in our band blog-site: Happy People Online! To say the least, it was quite a musically happening gig, in more ways than one.

Anyway, today (or rather yesterday at the time of writing) was our first rehearsal with Jonathan Lee for his World Tour which begins in two weeks in Taipei, Taiwan. Read a bit about it on Eddie's blog.

Oh, if you didn't know, looks like the three of us (me on sax and flute, Eddie on trumpet and Roger on 'bones) will be involved in several of Jonathan's World Tour concerts! YEEE HAAA!!!! Confirmed dates include two shows in Taipei, Taiwan on 5 and 6th May (in two weeks!), 21st May in Shen Zhen (China-HK), and in Hong Kong mid July! It's gonna be quite a fun gig!

Just a little info, Jonathan Lee is a very prominent composer for the Taiwan chinese music market, and has brought out a lot of prominent artistes such as Emil Chau, Sandy Lam, Karen Mok, and even our own local Fish Leong.

Although I've never really followed the Chinese market, due to my extreme banana-ness, I'm actually quite honored to play with this cat! In fact, I've definitely heard some of those songs at one point or the other even during my younger days. Yeah, I think it's gonna a be a real fun gig, and I'm also travelling with the three most craziest, wackiest, funniest horn players in town!

I'm glad to be busy!

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