Friday, April 28, 2006


Eddie and I went for his jazz concert for BOTH nights - Wednesday and last night.

To say it in one word - AWESOME! The Branford Marsalis Quartet is the living embodiment of the true spirit of jazz and improvisation! For those who missed the concert...too bad for ya!

The crowd on Wednesday night was quite good.. very responsive, while last night.. wow.. what a bunch of tight-a**es.. shows you how much they really know about jazz and Bran! There was a chinese lady sitting next to me who probably think I'm nuts... I just go crazy listening to such a powerful band like that play, I was almost jumping in my seat! Like I give a nuts..

I will write a review on it soon... so, Brian and Eugene, I'll send it to you as soon as I can, and if you'd like to put it up on the website, feel free!

Check out some pictures of us and Branford on my Happy People website!

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