Saturday, April 15, 2006

Last nite @ der Top Room!

Can't help but write about this!

The gig with the David Gomes Quartet at The Top Room @ Top Hat last night was a blast!

There were definitely a bit of a crowd last night, and a lot of them were from the Press. And they definitely enjoyed it for most part, which was really cool! At least they were giving that vibe last night! And also there were a lot of cats from the MPO who came over, right off their concert just across the street - literally-, just to chill and listen to some stuff, and I think they were diggin' it too!

My good friends from Kajang and a friend of theirs dropped by.. KT and Bala... it was sure great to see you guys there, man! Sure made my day! The only two cats who'd come to my shows and enjoy themselves, for most part!

The Quartet last night was David Gomes on piano and vocals, Vincent Ong on double bass, myself on alto sax, and Sudin on drums.

We started off the first set with some usual jazz standards Four, Green Dolphin Street, St. Thomas, and some others, and Junji came up to sing some songs (in her usual jazz and blues, without fail!) such as I'm Beginning To See The Light, Bluesette, Night And Day, and David and Junji did a wonderful duo on Moonglow.

At this point, we invited up a sax player from Budapest to jam with us - Andrew Jasz. He was a guest saxophone soloist for the MPO American Music concert that went on last week, I think. Nice cat...beautiful sound on the alto, and he plays damn good, too. He jammed two tunes with us and we took our first break.

We started our second set with some happening tunes, with me and Andrew jamming, and later on Junji came up to sing a couple of swinging tunes like How High The Moon, a beautiful ballad You Don't Know What Love Is and more. Halfway through the second set, my soul-brother sax player David Muehsam joined us on stage to jam the remaining tunes on the set. And it was just so happpening, and the musical level on stage was really high, I think a lot of people could feel the vibe flowing through the whole room. I think I speak for a lot of us, that there hasn't been that much jazz in KL in a long while until last night!!

But don't take it from me... hear from David Muehsam, "it's got that vibe!". We all enjoyed ourselves that night.

Anyway, even as we finished that set, David (Gomes) and David (Muehsam) went up on stage a few minutes later to play a nice quiet - but unplanned - set, with the David duo playing Body And Soul, and Vincent and I joined in for Night And Day.

Like a tired Junji was saying, "it's like nobody wants to get off stage!". And for those who were there, I think they can attest to that.

It was just so beautiful. I haven't had that much fun in a gig for quite a while!

So to all of you who wants to go to a spot where all you're expecting is GOOD LIVE JAZZ MUSIC...

Come to the Top Room @ Top Hat... where everything is swingin' at the Top!!

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