Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rehat.. Tidur.. Mampus!!!

Check out the acronym for those three words - it's pronounced arrh-tee-emm - and you'll know what the hell I'm talking about. I shall refrain from spelling it out, as I know those bungholes that work there are probably too stupid to use the internet and read my blog. And even if they did, they'd be too f*cking stupid to decipher what I just said.

They Rehat (rest), Tidur (sleep), *WE* are the ones that mampus (get screwed.. it's a rough colloquial to describe it). That's what it's like for the last two days.

As I've mentioned before in my previous post, I'm involved in this live video recording with a prominent Malay artiste (cool cat, too). Monday was supposed to be two sessions of rehearsals to run through the songs, and yesterday (Tuesday) was supposed to be a dress rehearsal.

So here's what happened:

Monday - we were supposed to be at the Auditorium at 2pm to rehearse the music and the band, but were told earlier in the day it's gotta be shelved to 3:30pm.. fine with me. Then.. it became 4:30pm. No problem. So we get there, there was another recording happening, and they were still in the middle of it. Apparently there was a directive from the Information Ministry to do that recording, so WE got shelved, and we had to wait. So we all waited until about 6pm and we got in to do a line check.. and had dinner break until 8:30pm. We got in at about 8:30pm or so, and ran through the songs fairly quickly, and finished about almost 11:30pm.

Before I go on, here's a little off-track situation I had to go through going into RTM. I was prohibited from entering, because I was wearing 3/4 pants! There wasn't a f*cking sign that says I can't wear that to go in. The sec-guards told me that they didn't want to get their ass kicked if one of their pegawai (officers) caught me with those pants. I had to go to Bangsar Village F.O.S (Factory Outlet Store) to get a pair of long pants (a nice pair by the way!), and then go into RTM. And on the way back to RTM from B'sar Village, I had already thought out what I wanted to say to the guard, but didn't see him as he was occupied (more on that later... ).

Yesterday (Tue) - we got in a little late due to heavy rain. I went to the guard house to get my entry pass, and the same officer from yesterday saw me wearing long pants, and proceeded to proudly say to me, "Macam inilah boleh! (that's more like it)". Not wanting to insult the fella (directly), I gave it to his face and said this: Elehh, pegawai atasan kau semua tu BODOH BELAKA... tak berpelajaran, tapi nak tunjuk lagak.. tapi you orang okay, sebab kamu buat kerja kau". In translation: "Your superior officers are a bunch of idiots, an uneducated lot, but wish to show off their authority! But you guys are cool, 'cos you're just doin' your jobs!". I could see the officer's expression change from a little proud to being humbled... I said it in such a way that it refers to him indirectly. Of course, I told them as well to suggest to their bosses to put a restriction signboard to let visitors know if they had any sort of restrictions.

Sixty years old... but still sixty years behind.

Anyway, back to the rehearsals, we started a little later than expected, as some of us also got in a little late. But the afternoon rehearsals turned out okay, and we even finished before 7pm, as we would have expected. So during our break, me, Eddie and Martin headed out to Starbucks to have a nice cuppa and later a nice indian banana leaf rice dinner at Bangsar.

We got back at about 8:30pm and had to wait around some more until we were told to start rehearsals. And they had to do camera rehearsals!! One the main problems is, instead of working around the bandstand, they make the bandstand work around the cameras! HOW F*CKING STUPID CAN THEY GET??? Even the main artiste started getting pissed off with these bungholes. And almost everytime when we try to do one song, we get stopped because of some unknown reasons, probably due to the incompetence of the cameramen and soundmen. I'm being too nice.. they're not even worth calling soundmen or whatever "men", cos they're so f*cking incompetent, but act like they're the best thing since sliced bread.

Anyway, we finally finished rehearsals about almost 12am, all getting ready to mampus! We were told to come back at 4pm to do a proper soundcheck (hah? Got such a thing there wan ah?), but I can GUARANTEE you.. as proper as it can get, they're just gonna f*ck it up real bad during the show.

Stay tuned for the drama...


Just got a copy of Jackie McLean's Action album - a reissue - and guess what? It's got that STUPID CD Copy Control! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMI sucks! I can't copy it into my iTunes.. basketcase!

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