Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Easy Run..

Just did a nice easy, short run yesterday. I only ran once last week after the KLIM '05. 10K is not a lot, but for a person not in good training, it's still almost all out for me. Anyway, I went to Lake Gardens and did an approximate 4km route: from the car park -- > past Lake Club --> into the park heading towards the playground --> up the Carcosa (slow hill) Road --> back into the lake area --> up the hill past Jln Perdana --> and back to the Bkt Aman car park. Finished it in about 30:05. The run felt overall sluggish, probably the body is used to the sedentary mode it was in last week, so it's pretty much expected. Didn't want to get upset or anything... positive thinking! Got to try my NB 766s too. Nice... :-)

Training run:

Distance - approx. 4km
Time - 30:05
Pace - 7:31min/km

Gonna hit KLCC park today. Gonna try to do at least an hour's workout. Maybe 5 laps. See how. I want to get my body used to training a little bit more this time around.

Next race... maybe MMDS-1, in the relay team, if I get a partner.

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