Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wedding bells...

Noooo.... I'm not getting married... not in a long time anyway! I'm a musician... expected to marry late... I'm not even hitched yet *hint hint*.

But my friend, and fellow musician/bass player/band leader, Vincent Ong just got married... well, they got married a few months ago.. but had their ceremony recently on Sunday. He had asked me to be his "heng tai" or "Brother" in Chinese. "Heng Tai's" generally help the groom to try to "fend" off the "chi mui" or the bride's "sisters" so that the groom can get into the bride's house and ask her hand in marriage and stuff. That's the first time for me doing that! Interesting.

And later at night, I also attended his wedding reception dinner. He invited his former teachers at ICOM, and of course, his musician friends, and his former Catholic High friends. Let's just say, the musicians table (our table at least.. all the Happy People Quintet members sitting there, and of course the ever loud trombone man Chee Chow Ming!) were one of the loudest tables in the restaurant. And among us, and his old high school friends, we were the ones who had the loudest, LOOOONNNNGGESSSTTTT "YAM SENG" cheer during the toasting ceremony! So much so, that by the THIRD toasting, everyone else except the loud tables gave up the "yam seng" while we were still holding it! Eddie and I had such a good laugh because the rest of the guests couldn't do the third yam seng as long as we could, and we could tell they all pancit! Ahahaha...

Vincent and Sun Posted by Hello

But anyway, Happy Wedding Belles to the newlyweds!

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