Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'm not ready...

... for KLIM... not even sure if I'm ready for the 10K. I think I can do it la.. but can't expect to break past thru my current PR. Well, if anything, I hope it can be a release of stress from a busy week I'm having.

I'm involved in two shows this weekend.. a charity show with some of the cast and crew of Sean Ghazi's "I Have Dreamed" on Saturday, and Public Bank's (Chairman's) Anniversary, to be held at Sunway Convention Centre on Saturday. Gawd.. I hope I can get enough rest for Sunday, man.

Oh well.. despair not I shall.. there'll be plenty of other races around.. and there's next year, too!

But you know what I'm worried about most? Putting on the pounds from not running consistently the past couple of weeks.... damn!

How la...???

1 comment:

petalingrunner said...

Dun worry la...just do it. I am sure you will find the fun in running like that. Try not to focus so much on PR but the quality of the run wokeh??