Saturday, March 26, 2005

iPod.. and then some

Yayyyy.. I got my iPod...

Booooo... I'm RM1,499 poorer.... oh well..

Now, I'm really crashing it in! I've spent half my day today copying CDs into my harddisk and uploading them into the iPod. I've copied a bunch of albums (of which i admittedly downloaded) already in my iTunes, and I'm copying a bunch of CDs from my collection. I've already done about over 10 CDs today. The sound quality in the iPod is stunning, la. Worth every cent.


.... I'm feeling sick la. Shit. Got the sore/swollen throat, cough, and I've been feeling weakish the last couple of days. Could be haze, could be lack of sleep (or rather sleeping late), and god knows what else la. And I played the Jazz Latino gig last night at Alexis, and another one tonight. Tomorrow have to wake up early for the duathlon, then the 50 Cents gig.. wah liao. Lucky I'm only doing 5K la. Not so pressure...

Wish me luck for both.. hahahaha..

Yesterday's gig at Alexis was.. in a funny sense, okay. We only rehearsed yesterday during the soundcheck. And basically we were just winging it, no idea about what songs we were really gonna do. Thankfully, MOST of the songs we played, I knew.. and for those that I didn't know, I just had to use my ears and wing them all la. Ahaha.. the good thing about being a sax player.. or a melody player in general.. we have the luxury to wing it just by using our ears, without having to know chords or look at a lead sheet.

Okay, that's it for today. Won't post till I come back from China.

Have fun, y'all..

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