Thursday, March 03, 2005

Happy People Quintet @ Avanti's Restaurant

I didn't even know about this until someone told me about this (Thanks sMack!). It's a newspaper clipping from the NST on March 2nd for the Avanti's Friday Nite Jazz for the month of March and April.

So here it is:

Happy People @ Avanti's Restaurant Posted by Hello

My band Happy People will be playing on April 22nd, and I will be performing with High Wired on the 29th. Admission free... so do come and check us out!!

Among others who will be performing are:

Mar 4 - Farid Ali
Mar 11 - Jeep Jazz Trio
Mar 18 - Black Machine feat. Izlyn Ramli
Mar 25 - Soul Fingerz

Apr 8 - Aseana Percussion Unit
Apr 15 - Black Machine
Apr 29 - High Wired (I'm playing this too!)

Support Live Music... Support KL Jazz!!


Other news:

Despite my un-preparedness for KLIM (even for the 10K), I've already registered myself last week. So I'm definitely taking part la! Thanks for your concern, guys... Lonely Runner, Haris, Ajeep, and all... and thanks for dropping by too!

... I was just walking Bangsar today to go collect a cheque.. and I was passing by La Bodega. I was just admiring the decor inside (just thought that it'll be nice to put a jazz band inside). This bloke with a combover and working outfit, having lunch at the outlet, just waves towards me... thinking I was a waiter! I looked at him waved both my hands and shook my head. You can tell from his look, that he's one of those kinda guys that thinks everyone is beneath him, and he's so damn important. Shameless.. some people. Man, I was in t-shirt, 3/4 shorts and slippers, with my waistpouch. If I was in a monkey suit (read: tux or anything of that sort.. or even waiter outfit), I can understand la! I'm a bypasser for crying out loud (!!)... shameless, some people... plain shameless.

Well.. see ya guys at KLIM!!! Like a friend said.. by hook or by crook.. see ya at the finish line!

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