Friday, October 07, 2005

Angelita Li @ Alexis Ampang

Just a gig plug for my 'boss', Greg Lyons! Check out his finally-updated homepage for gig updates.

Greg's performing with Angelita Li at Alexis Ampang, Great Eastern Mall, Jln Ampang, this weekend on Friday and Saturday night.

Angelita Li on vocals, and Greg Lyons on sax

So, from the horses mouth:

Hi All,

Don’t miss the songbird’s last weekend.

After a few problems on the first couple of weekends, the band for this one will be the real thing:

Angelita Li – voice (don’t underestimate this instrument!)
Greg Lyons – saxes
Michael Veerapen – piano
Andy Peterson – bass
Lewis Pragasam – drums

There! You couldn’t do much better than that if you went to New York and hung out for a year. So be there (it’ll be a lot cheaper).

Her repertoire tends toward the Brazilian and the funky, so there won’t be much swing happening. But hey, we can do anything – so anything can happen.

For those interested, I’m keeping my web-site at updated and expanding so it can be a bit more of a resource for those interested in good music – and other stuff.

And as always, if you’d rather not be on this mailing list, don’t reply to this address – send me a message at

All the best,


For reservations call 4260 1335

7th & 8th October
Alexis Bistro
Ground Floor
Great Eastern Mall
Jalan Ampang

So don't miss this show this weekend, especially if you've missed her show the last two weekends. It'll be the last week Angelita's playing in KL for a while. You'll find that she's a breath of fresh air for KL when it comes to a REAL (seasonsed but still young) singer. Even the best vocalists in town should check her out and learn a thing or two!

I'll be there on Friday and Saturday as well to check her out on her final week.

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