Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Wanted to get up early to ride, but couldn't get myself out of bed. But in the end, I went out for a very short ride just near my place. Just needed and felt like it.

Practiced my horn.

David Gomes called me up for a small gig this weekend, a small house party. Cool... my only gig this month! AHahah...

Got back my Polar heart rate monitor back. It went kaboose last weekend... ran out of battery power. I realised that I think I rely on it quite a bit. I rely on it for time, as well as my workouts. Although I've been working out without it the last couple of days, but I find it helps by complementing how my body feels during workout, and I can learn to adjust my pace and effort.

So, I went to Lake Gardens for a short run. I got out of house too late, to collect my Polar. Only ran for about 35 minutes, at the 4.25km loop. Still felt nice after a run, even a short one.

Another boring day, though.

Just did some updates on my Upcoming Performances column on the right sidebar. Check it out. My Nov/Dec dates are filling up, thank God. There are some other events happening, but mostly private events I think, so I wouldn't put them up. But I will update more as the months go along, so stay tuned.

There are some good gigs happening this two weekends at Alexis... Denise Mininfield is back again for a two week stint. She'll be backed by KL's powerhouse jazz band, with Greg Lyons on sax, Mac Chew on keys, Andy Petersen on bass, and Lewis Pragasam on drums. Check them out. Will update that too, soon.


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