Sunday, October 30, 2005

Putrajaya 60k ride..

Ahhh.. just got back from a nice 60k ride with me buddy Azwar. Tank was supposed to come, but didn't. Guess he's busy. Well, next time. Raya now, so I'm not surprised.

We did the usual Powerman 30k loop. But we did only 2 loops. Took us about 2 hours and 16 minutes. I think I was working a little harder than usual. I was pushing a bit more on some of the hills, and definitely hitting it up more than before. So much so, it sure made my heart rate go up to 90-over percent, but only for short periods, less than 2 minutes of intensity before my heart rate recovers to around 75%. It's definitely good training to build and increase power output on flats as well as hills.

So here are some stats:

Date: 29 Oct 2005
Time start: 9:53pm
Location: Putrajaya, Powerman loop

Distance - 55.5km
Time - 2:16:10
Average speed - 24.2km/h
Max speed - 48.5km/h
Calories burnt - 978.0

Average HR - 142bpm (74% of max)
Max HR - 176bpm (91% of max)

Did I tell you I actually love cycling, and wanted to get into it for a long time?

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