Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wasted day...ALMOST!

One of those wasted days... arghh....

Woke up late for one, as I planned to go out for a 30+km ride. Instead of 8am, I woke up almost 10am. I still decided to go and ride, although the weather was getting a little warmer. Just as I was out the door, and clipping on my right foot, I heard the sound of high pressure air release. It was coming from my rear tyre....


I could just forget about riding for the day. After that I changed the tube (that's THREE tubes, gone, mind you!), and making sure that it's placed properly (I think the last tube wasn't placed properly). I proceeded to try to adjust the rear caliper brakes, as the quick release mechanism wasn't adjusted properly. A couple of other small mishaps also happened from that, and after managing to put everything back together, I had to readjust the whole rear brake, and make sure the brake travel and braking response was good.

By that time it was already almost 2pm. Shit.

Already lost my mood to practice. And I got a bit of a runny nose, so I just took a short nap.

Came online, and found an interesting story from my cycling/running buddy Azwar. Check out his interesting adventure that took place yesterday, here.

I'm going to KLCC to go run after this. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

* * * * *


Well, not that wasted of a day lah, at least. Ran at KLCC park, managed to cover 7.8km (6 laps) in about an hour. Not that fast at all, but speed wasn't my concern, just the workout and endurance work. Felt good overall, so that was fun.

My lap timings:

9:52 > 9:48 > 7:44 (+ 2.30 minutes I mistimed here) > 10:31 > 10:11 > 10:14

Average HR - 153bpm

Max HR - 165bpm

Made a few errors in the lap button presses as I stopped once to stretch a little.

Yesterday -

Yesterday's run in the morning was quite nice too. Although I started slightly later than desired (10am) but the weather was so nice (read: cloudy.. no sun) I decided to run anyway. There was some slight sun, but not at a scorching level at all.

Ran at Sg. Kantan, and it took me an hour also, over about 7 - 8km (didn't measure, as I ran different routes).

Feels good to run again! Yay..

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