Sunday, October 09, 2005

Justin's wedding... Angelita... Putrajaya 60km ride

"Another one bites the dust..."

Hehehehe... a phrase that came to mind when I attended Justin's wedding at Mandarin Oriental, last night. So bad lah, me, hahahah. But in this case, it's all worth it. In Azwar's own words, "I've never seen so much love in a wedding before". Justin and Jeanne were made to be together.

Just a little detail about the wedding dinner... lots of Datins and Datuks, and lots and lots of leng luis. Too bad I couldn't stay long enough to check them out for real. Almost the whole KLCC
Pacemaker gang was there. It was a simple affair, the usual speeches, and some slideshows (no band, thank God!). The pictorial biography slideshow of Justin and Jeanne was really cool. In one of Justin's "segment", it showed Justin's running pictures with medals, trophies, and the PM gang! The whole PM gang and myself stood up and cheered out loud during those shots! And of course, without doubt, lotsa wine and beer on da house! hehehe...

Anyway, we want to wish Justin and Jeanne, a HAPPY MARRIAGE!!!!

Go to Azwar's
site for pics and commentaries of the wedding.

PS: Like a real runner buddy, I went for a nice run at Lake Gardens before attending the wedding... basket.. hahaha..

I went to Alexis Bistro after the wedding to check out songbird Angelita Li's final night there. She was backed by Malaysia's powerhouse band: Michael Veerapen on keyboards, Greg Lyons on saxophone, Lewis Pragasam on drums, Andy Petersen on bass, and Steve Thornton on congas.
The show was BURNING!!!!!!!! It was acid-jazz week with Angelita, and she did a whole bunch of acid-jazz tunes that virtually brought the house down, from Still A Friend Of Mine, Midnight at the Oasis, and the powerful Talking Loud. She also mixed in a fair bit of Brazilian tunes from Antonio Carlos Jobim and even Tania Maria. The band rocked the house so bad, everyone was cheering on their toes, and even I was practically standing on the stool's leg and almost sitting on the bar table! It was full house that night, and Angelita as well as the band delivered with full force. It was quite a night to remember.

If you have the chance to check her out, do so. She's world class, and there's no one like her here!

Went to Putrajaya this morning to meet up with Ajeep and Azwar for a 60km bike ride. These guys are crazy, they're fasting, but they insist on continuing some training on the bike. Azwar organised this ride, and he told me that it'll be an easy ride, just to pack some mileage.

We started a bit late, Azwar overslept and rode from his home in Bangi to the Putrajaya mosque. We started riding real easy, and we went out to do the Powerman 30k bike route for two rounds. The easy cruise speed was around 25km/h, and I could basically keep up with them with easy effort. But on the climbs, even the short ones, I was pretty much dropped from the pack. My weight worked against me. But I also think that it's also due to the fact, my training on the bike is quite new, so I'm not accustomed to climbing. But on downhills, my weight helped by riding on the momentum, so I could cruise down real fast.

I was riding a fair bit harder than my Hulu Langat 60k last week. Since I was riding with other riders for the first time, I had to work slightly harder to catch up to them. But everytime there was a climb, I'll naturally get dropped. And when I caught up to them, they were pretty much WAITING for me...thanks guys!!! At the end of the second loop, I was almost knackered at the last climb, using my lowest gear and trying to pedal up.

I managed to cover 60k at about 2 hours 33 minutes. Cool.. hehehehe..

Their "easy" ride, is my "hard" ride... KNN!! AHahha.. but it was fun. Hope we could do it again.

Here are some photos I took with my not so clear PDA. For once, you can see me in full gear and my bike:

Image hosted by
Me and Azwar

Image hosted by
Me and Ajeep

Image hosted by
Ajeep and Azwar

Have a good weekend, y'all!

I'm going to bed to sleep.

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