Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bike ride - 60km

I just came back from a 2 1/2 hour bike ride from my place to Batu 21, Sg. Lui, Hulu Langat (the same place where I did the "Kampung Fest" gig), and back. Distance covered was 60km.

Quite exhilirating also, to go that distance and back on a bike. Had to go alone though. I promised a cyclist buddy that we'd go ride from 7am, but I couldn't hear my alarms ring, and by the time I suddenly got up, I found that it was already 7.45am! Sh*t... I guess my friend went to ride without me for the time being (called him later and he said he went for 30km ride and came back). Sorry Rashinuddin!! AHahha.. looks like I'll have to wait a whole month to ride with you?

For most part, the ride was enjoyable, although some parts of traffic was not. A few buses and trucks were coming so close to me, although I think they had all the space in the road to use. I think traffic would've been worse on weekdays, that's why most riders who go to Hulu Langat usually ride on weekends.

Looking forward to another long ride next week!

Anyone from Kajang area wants to ride with me?

* * * * *

I think I've developed a nice tan already.. hahahaa... from the Powerman last week, a few morning sunny rides in between.. and oh yeah, waiting in a queue at the police station to try to pay my fines at 50% off.

Idiots at the police station only had one counter open. I stood there for four freakin' hours, finished reading the whole Bicycling magazine Oct issue, and I still wasn't my turn. I had to leave because I had other matters to attend to, including my brother's birthday dinner.

There you have it.. government departments. Never change.

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