Thursday, October 20, 2005

Malaysian drivers...

... are real a-holes! Well, some of them anyway.

Before going on, I'd like to say, right after my bike ride yesterday morning, I had in mind to blog out some of my most evil thoughts about it. I'd have put in as many expletives and cusses than you can say, "Supercalifragilisticespialidocious". You'd have seen my really bad side manifest itself on this blog, and for those who knew me to be patient, blah blah blah, you'd have thought "whoah, this Julian ain't as nice as I thought". But after I came back from the ride, and cooled down over a nice warm and cold shower, I re-thought that idea. I figured to myself, why do all that bad vibe? It's exactly the same bad vibe that I get from these dumb-asses that will contribute to all that bad shit that's already happening in our world today... we don't need it. So to that stupid taxi driver and that idiotic driving instructor: I forgive you... thanks for making me a stronger person to overcome some of those really negative feelings for you.

Okay, back to the real story.

I was out there, happily going for my 30+ km bike ride around the Kajang Silk Highway - Bangi - Kajang Silk Highway - Saujana Impian. I was on the way back, on the Silk highway past Kajang Utama and going out at the Saujana Impian exit, and on a downhill stretch, I went on aero position on the bike, so that my bike will go down really fast. At the same time, I took real quick glances on the right (I'm on the same side as the traffic flow) just to make sure no car was going to turn left into some of the housing area exits. I saw this blue taxi driver as well, but well out on the main road to be concerned about. I turned and faced front again. The next thing I knew, the same taxi I saw just moments before just swooped past REAL CLOSE to me and sped off. It was like he was intentionally going near me to scare my ass off, which caught me quite off guard. I showed him the finger along with some outburst of expletives (which I realise to my folly, is futile, as the taxi driver wouldn't have been able to hear what I said. Not only that, he'd be laughing his pants off, when he sees my expression). Major piss-off.

Later on, when I was just warming down, I rode to Sg. Kantan and came out back to the opposite side of Jalan Cheras at the mosque traffic light. Just as the lights for the perpendicular traffic (which turns right into the road where I'm at) turned red and ours turned green, I proceeded to prepare to push off and ride back home. Next thing I knew, this Malay driver in a white Kancil just U-turns in front of me, causing me to stop halfway and abruptly from the push-off.

I looked at him with a dismayed look, and hand gestures, saying, "What the *toot*? Are you fak-ing blind ah? Cannot see that your light red already ah???? What the hell you trying to do?". What's worse about it was that he was a driving instructor! With the driving school label on the car!

YOU SEE?????????????????? Now we know why there are SOOOOOOOO MANY fak-ed up drivers in Malaysia!! Their instructors are as fak-ed up as they are!

*Sigh*. It's not that Malaysian drivers are really bad. Just some of them just are... inconsiderate and self-centred, without regard for the safety and well-being of others. We all have our driving quirks, and sometimes we get into driving situations that may inconvenience others, including myself. We ain't perfect. But some of them are just plain a-holes... by nature, and not incidental. These are the ones that should be banned on the road.

If only Malaysians were like Australians, or Singaporean drivers. They drive safe, 98% of them. Then there won't be that many accident cases like those reported almost daily in the newspapers.

Drive properly lah, people....!!!

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