Thursday, September 09, 2004

15K Run at KLCC: Unsuccessful.. blehhh..

Arrgghh.. couldn't finish the 12 rounds around KLCC park yesterday. After the 9th round, that's about 11.7km, my body was already giving signals that I should stop. I think halfway also I sorta lost concentration on breathing and proper form and stuff... anyway..

Went to KLCC around 5:20, got some PowerGels and PowerBar from KLCC, then joined
Jamie, Newton, Rohaizad on the 1.3km jog track. Rohaizad and Jamie was pacing with each other, and Newton was about 30 seconds or so behind, and I then paced with Newton. Didn't get to really warm up, so I tried to take it easy while on the run. Thanks to Newton, we had a bit of a conversation while running, so time passed pretty fast, and next thing we knew, we've already ran 10k and more (I was two laps behind Newton). Around that time already, my body was starting to revolt a little bit, and my heart rate was going above my set limit of 85%. I set that high, because of certain uphill stretches on the park, and that takes a little more effort than flat. Around the 9th round, I held up the towel, as I think my body was saying, "okay, that's enough for today...". I think it probably has to do with the long run I did the day before at Lake Gardens, and my muscles probably aren't fully recovered.

Gonna try a long run again on Saturday or Sunday. Will try to do it late morning to afternoon also, as I heard the 21K run segment in Desaru is gonna be sometime around 1 - 2pm in the afternoon, with the hot sun and all. So I better get myself acclimatised to the hot sun.

Oh well...

Oh yeah, to whoever is reading this, just a gig notice: I'll be performing with David Gomes Quartet on Friday night 10 September, at Avanti's Restaurant, Sunway Hotel Resort. Music starts around 10, 10:30pm to midnight. For more details, check out, or click the link on the Upcoming Gigs column.


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