Sunday, September 12, 2004

Almost 20km long run... Disagree at Berjaya Times Square

I woke early today, and headed out to Lake Gardens. I decided on trying out the 20km route from Lake Gardens to Sri Hartamas and back.

The route started from Lake Gardens, to Bank Negara Malaysia then hilled up into Bukit Tunku. It then passes thru Kenny Hills then out to Jalan Duta. Then I cut across up to Jalan Sri Hartamas, passing through National Archive building. Since it was my first time using this route, I wasn't very sure where it headed out, and coming towards a traffic lights crossroads, I was baffled on where to turn. So I just saw a sign saying "You are almost home to Hartamas Regency" or something like that.. so I just turn and follow that road la. Next thing I know, all I see is construction, and the road just thinned out to a small passaged road, but cars and motorcycles could pass through. Then I thought to myself... sh*tee.. I took the wrong road. I probably ran about a kilometre pass the place before the road rendevous-ed to the Jalan Sri Hartamas I was familiar with. Then I ran all the way thru two hills to the Petronas station right after the Sri Hartamas-Desa Sri Hartamas junction. By that time I already saw a lot of some other Pacesetters runners doubling back. Man, they run pretty fast.

Anyway, I bought a Gatorade, did a few stretches to relieve my legs, and proceeded to run again. I reached the Bukit Tunku area again, and at about 2 hours, I was getting a tad tired. So throughout the rest of the run, I was down to run-walking. I think I may have done a little too far this time around. I've never ran any distance more than 12km and never more than 2 hours. So to avoid injuring myself I took it easy by run-walking. And I was running out of water too. When I arrived at Bank Negara Malaysia junction, I was reduced to walking the rest of the way back to Lake Gardens. Don't think I could've ran anymore than I should. I think I may have covered at least 19K, and it took me 2:21:23. That's the most I've ran to date. I think I will take a rest for the next couple of days, maybe just do walking to relax the muscles. I think I should've taken a shorter route, like 15K or something like that. Later, I had a nice breakfast (vegetarian chicken rice, a roll of popiah, and a fave drink: soya cincau! Woo hoo!), and proceeded home to a nice warm shower (to relax muscles) and took a short nap.

Woke up around 1:30pm, washed up and headed to Berjaya Times Square. I was to perform with Disagree for the Anugerah Era Showcase. Some other bands were playing, but I dunno who they were la. Couldn't be bothered at the time. We only played one song, which is obviously "Crumbs" (if not they probably wouldn't call me to play also laaahh..).

Anyway, when the show finished, we all adjourned and I decided to check out the shopping complex. Other than today, I've never been to that place since it opened. And I have to say, I'm really, REALLY disappointed with that place. It's like a really good looking Sg. Wang Plaza. It's not a bad thing, but personally, I was expecting something close to Lot 10, or Mid Valley kinda thing. Most of the tenants there are like outlets similar to those in shopping complexes in rural areas. Like a friend of mine described the place to be very "jinjang". Like I said, it's like a high-class Sg. Wang Plaza. You got the typical boutiques, whose clothes styles are suitable for Ah Lian, Ah Beng types... several pirated DVD/VCD retail shops (like in Sg. Wang); so much so that each company selling those had occupied several units in several different floors! ... small-small handphone shops (probably the under-the-water types, too)..and the like. The first two floors would gave an okay impression to me, but the higher the floors I go, the less and less of what I expected was... man.. so disappointing. Some of the makan places are nice la.. but there aren't that much makan places, though.. for such a big complex. Maybe Berjaya WANTS to attract such clientele. I wouldn't know if I wanted to go there again la. If you like that kinda thing, then be my guest. Not to say I am for those high class type la.. but I'm definitely not fond of the kind of setup they got there la. At least like Mid Valley la... I'm more comfortable with that kinda outlets. After all, with the outlets like those in BTS.. I can't buy.. no, I can't FIND anything that is to my liking and my style. Maybe except Debenhams.. the clothes there are really, REALLY nice.. but darn freakin' expensive. Sigh.. the price of vanity...

Oh well.. ttfn...

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