Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Buffy DVDs, running gear, training run, and gig at Senja, Hyatt Regency

Ah, crap.. Yahoo! is down.. I can't log in to check my mail all of a sudden, and I can't even post photos into the photo album. Sorry, have to wait for that to happen, so I can put in some photos of the Sean Ghazi gig I did last week.

Anyway, for the day's events:

I went early in the day to KL to do some shopping. Thought of taking advantage of the Isetan sale to get some running gear for cheap. More on that later. Went to Low Yat Plaza and got myself a stylus for my O2 XDA II phone (I lost my last one TWICE last week... the first time I found it and on the same night, lost it again). Then off to the New Balance shop at BB Plaza to check out some new stuff. I got the new New Balance dry-fast technology running singlet/vest. But no short pants to match, so I got one of the older NB shorts (black color). The new NB 834 lightweight trainers look and felt interesting la.. dunno whether big guy like me could use those or not. Didn't buy it la.. maybe next time. Went to Isetan at Lot 10 to check out the sports stuff. A lot of stuff going cheap.. Adidas shoes 50% off. But I couldn't find anything for me la.. it's like me and Adidas shoes got no fate and affinity. I looked at the Nike rack (50% off also) found one of their running singlets, but no pants to match.. celakak! So I didn't buy it. Ended up I didn't buy anything from there. Thought of trying out Isetan KLCC tomorrow... anyway, went back to BB Plaza, and got a set of Buffy The Vampire Season 3 on DVD! Woo hoo.. I love Buffy, man.. and Sarah Michelle Gellar! Can't wait to watch them..

Managed to go back home and changed into my new running outfit to go for a quick run before heading to Hyatt Subang to work. Guess what.. the NB pants can't fit me.. even though they're an XL.. shit!!!! The thigh area too tight.. basket! Had to wear back my blue Asics pants. Might have to give it to my dad to wear la like that, and I'll get another pair. Went out for a run, about 40:45 for 6km. Since I'm building up my running power again, from not running after the Desaru 21K, I decided to run fairly easy. Halfway back, it rained light.. wah, damn fun to run a bit in the rain.

Went to Hyatt Saujana, Subang to play 3 45-minutes set at Senja Restaurant. Some old friends playing there, Khairil on piano, Albert on bass, and Yahya Sulong (or we call him Pak Yah) on drums. Anyone remember Yahya Sulong? He used to be an actor on TV and some movies, I think. But one thing's for sure.. he's a hell of a swing drummer! He's from the swing era from the 40s onwards, and by far, he's the best (authentic) swing drummer I've ever played with other than Lewis Pragasam! Felt really good to play some nice swing jazz... I could hardly get to play it, really.

I spent a couple of hours talking to Khairil after the gig. Nice cat... very jovial, but very experienced. Imparted a lot of knowledge of experience to me. We feel similar on a lot of things pertaining to the current music scene. The music scene for musicians today, is not as rich as it used to be. The state of music in KL is nothing short of sad, really. Younger musicians like myself don't get as much opportunities to play and learn, compared to the older days. Hence, our musical development is pretty slow. At that, I really feel strongly about getting out of KL, going to another country (U.S of A preferably), get my ass kicked in the music scene, and learn as much as I can.

Ahhh.. just as I type this, the Yahoo! Photos is up and running again. Check out this site for pictures of the Sean Ghazi show.


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