Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Long run, and updated some pics..

Started out my day with a rather lethargic bout... well, no surprise, I came home sometime close to 3am from a rehearsal (and post-rehearsal mamak). Not only that, during the rehearsal, only me and Eddie (my trumpet player) doesn't smoke. So what does that tell you.. man... smokers (or more accurately, cigarettes) should be banned.. and I say it with full conviction, if it offends somebody, I meant it with all my apologies to smokers. Second hand smoke.. no difference with the haze man. Why must we innocent fellas who don't smoke suffer this sh*t?

I still see people coming from a workout at the park, and first thing they do is light a ciggie.. like.. WHAT? Of recent, after the Adidas Race, I saw this bloke (could be a older kid, I dunno la), lighting up a cigarette... like.. WHAT????

Anyway, spent about two to three hours online updating my blog, then I had to go and teach. Then I decided on doing a long run today, one of several this week, to build some endurance. I hope to do it easily though, not putting too much stress on myself. I don't think I'm doing the PJ Half race this year, as the offer to go to Desaru to do a 21K in the mixed relay (Desaru Triathlon) proved too tempting. Although I don't think I'm really THAT prepared for it, but just go for the fun of it.

I went over to Lake Gardens to run, and tried out my new shoes: the New Balance 717 (yay!). The route I took began from the jogging trail start (next to the playground and dead-end parking lot), past the turn overlooking KL Sentral, out to the road trail (uphill) which turns out to Jalan Cenderawasih, left past the Bukit Aman Police St. parking lot, and into the road heading towards Lake Club and back to that jogging trail start point. I reckon it's about 4km per round (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I managed to do 3 rounds at 1:20:47 and only stopping once to walk-recover for one minute. I think I just surprised myself. Felt really good. I decided to reward myself after the run with McDonald's chocolate milkshake (which I've read is good for muscle recovery!). HEhehee.. anything for a milkshake.

Lastly, I've updated some more pics of Adidas KOTR 2004 (courtesy of Ketam Batu and Mei Jyn as well) in my Yahoo pic site here.

Next up: 15K training run at KLCC with the KLCC Fellowship runners.

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