Monday, September 27, 2004

"I Have Dreamed - An Evening with Sean Ghazi" comes to an end..

Today was the last day of the show. Today (Sunday) we did two shows, one was the Sunday afternoon matinee, and the usual night show. Today's show was the best show, among all the other shows from the previous days. Today's shows were full-housed!! And today's show, ALL of us just let loose, and let the magic of the music flow within all of us.

This is the end of "I Have Dreamed - An Evening with Sean Ghazi" show at Actor's Studio Bangsar. For those of you who missed it, you all missed a stunningly good show. Don't get me wrong, it's not because of me in it, but it was the whole gang... the singers, Sean, Aura, Adam and Izlyn (or known affectionately as Sizzlin' Izlyn!), and of course, us, the musicians behind the music.. me, Charles on drums, Wan on bass, Vivian Chua on violins, and Adam Farouk on piano. At the end of the day, the whole week was something of a dream for me... literally. Felt like I went through a dream for the whole week (and a very well paid one, at that!). Now, I'll just have to wait for the post-performance depression. It's almost like that for every big gig that I do. And hanging out with this wacko bunch (non-stop laughter!), the post-performance depression will be slightly extra more depressing. That's expected. We spent the whole week together, performing, and creating some musical magic night after night (and one afternoon).

Anyway, to recap... the repertoire for this show, mostly involved repertoire from Sean's career in musical theatre and showbiz. From musical theatre shows like The King and I and Miss Saigon, to broadway and jazz standards, local standards and even pop music, we played songs like Sun and Moon, I Have Dreamed, (a really funky) Can't Take That Away From Me, Last Night of the World, Meadowlark, Getaran Jiwa, to Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up. Sean had guests Aura Deva (who was the lead role in Miss Saigon in London), Izlyn Ramli, and Adam Farouk (he's the musical director for the whole show). The chemistry between these guys were so strong... they improvised a lot of conversation in between songs (a lot of them really, REALLY funny!). But they were (and still are) all awesome singers. I almost wanted to cry each time when Sean sang The Water Is Wide. It's such a beautiful song, and Sean sang it with such passion.. it's very touching! Aura showed her real element when she was singing Meadowlark, and other songs like Sun and Moon, and I Have Dreamed. Adam also sang one song, Elton John's Your Song. That was a hit for the audience the last couple of days!

After the last show, we all had signing sessions.. we all signed each others' posters and programme books. Then we went to The Social in Bangsar, for post-show drinks and celebration, as well as mamak food brought into Social. That was awesome... mamak food in a classy joint like The Social. And the exchange of stories, and lots of laughter are the norm!

I won't know if there are any plans to do this show anymore, so as I said before... y'all missed a good show. It'll be a while before any of us will be doing this music anymore.

For those who came to the show... thank you. We really appreciate the support and I hope y'all enjoy the show! God knows we all did.

Anyway, I'll be posting some pictures on the Blogger, soon. A lot of cool nice pictures as well.

Till then.. see y'all soon.

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