Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Prepping for "I Have Dreamed"

Just had our second rehearsal last night. I am part of the band that will be backing Sean Ghazi and his two cohorts, Izlyn Ramli and Aura Deva (flown all the way from London.. but she's from Phillipines), in a musical show next week called "I Have Dreamed - An Evening With Sean Ghazi" at the Actor's Studio Bangsar, BSC. This is the second time we're doing it this year (the first show we ever did was in May). We'll be performing a number of songs from Broadway, West End repertoire, as well as some jazz standards. It's like a musical account of Sean's career in theatre showbiz, from when he first started up till now. It's gonna be an interesting show, definitely. We had lots of fun playing it. Tickets are not cheap, I have to say, but if you have the chance (or the budget) to catch it, please do come and support us la... and the local arts scene. And have a jolly good time as well.

When for a short run yesterday at Lake Gardens. It's my tapering week, taking it easy on the training to get as much rest for this Saturday's run. Anyway, I went for the training run prior to the rehearsal, and I brought towels and change of clothes. My plan: do the run from 6:15 to around 7:15, shower at the Lake Gardens public toilet (they have public bath toilets for a small change of 50sen! not bad!), then head off to the rehearsal just before or at 8pm. So I ran, came back and stretched, and promptly took my clothes and towel to the bath. Here's the tricky bit: IT WAS CLOSED!!!! Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I had slightly over half an hour before rehearsal time and the damn bath was closed. Teruk man... so I thought of driving over to Fitness First at Menara Maxis to take a shower there, but the roads were so jammed (and I took the worst route to go also.. celaka..). I took the road heading back to Jalan Loke Yew, and I was stuck at the Edinburgh circle. Shitteeeee. Then I saw the BP station at the side, just before the turn off to Jln Imbi. So I decided to just change there, maybe use some water and wipe myself, so I won't be too sweaty. Luckily the water works well, so I did just that. At least it feels slightly fresher, and not so sweaty (damn malu la, if I went to the rehearsal all stinky).

Man, why must they close so early. At least 8pm la.. hahaha... teruk la, me...

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