Thursday, September 02, 2004

Rehearsals.. run.. and Prefontaine - 1 Sept


I'll be playing a show led by my saxophone teacher,
Greg Lyons, this weekend, Friday and Saturday, at Alexis Bistro, Great Eastern Mall, Jln Ampang. The band is called Biophonics, and it's a funk, acid-jazz band (originally 11-piece band, but reduced to 7-piece for this gig) formed by Greg in 2002. Our debut show was at No Black Tie, and subsequently played in several Heineken Green Room Sessions, and also the Chijmes Jazz Festival in Singapore. Greg Lyons' Biophonics will be performing repertoire ranging from Tower Of Power, Groove Collective, to the Brecker Brothers.

The Biophonics are Greg Lyons (sax), Jamie Wilson (guitar and vocals), Liew (bass), Julian Chan (sax), Eddie Wen (trumpet), Justin Lim (keyboards), and Md. Noor (drums).

Anyway, to say anything more will do no justice, so let the music speak for itself.

Greg Lyons and the Biophonics Live at Alexis Bistro, Great Eastern Mall, Ampang.
Friday and Saturday (3 and 4 September), Music starts 10:30pm.
Admission is free.

For more details and reservations, call 03-4260 2288 or email
Venue: Alexis Wine Bar and Bistro
Great Eastern Mall, Ground Flr, Lot no. 10, 303 Jalan Ampang.

Back to my daily recounts...

We had our first and only rehearsal for this weekend's gig. Everyone was there.. except the drummer. Then Greg tells us that the drummer originally called for the gig was not available, and this was also because it was due to some phone miscommunication. Ouch.. tough luck. So I think an hour was spent looking for a drummer in town. But for the rehearsal, my drummer Charles helped to sub in. Unfortunately, he wasn't free on both nights, so he couldn't play for us. Anyway, I think Greg managed to get hold of a Singaporean drummer/percussionist Md. Noor, who so happens is coming up to KL. So we probably will rehearse the 12 songs on our soundcheck on Friday.. oops. Ahaha.. but this guy, Md. Noor is good.. I've seen him play. For those who don't know, Md. Noor toured and played percussion with Jacky Cheung for his tour last year. Anyway, it feels good to play for this band again. Our last gig was last September, for the Sunrise Jazz Festival. That's like a whole year, that we didn't play together... wow! Can't wait for this weekend's gig. And then got the Adidas race.. wahhh..

Went to KLCC afterward to run. Met up with Kenneth (pm20), and I did about 3 rounds around with him (he ran 6 or 7 rounds I think). Then I ran another 4 rounds. Met up with Ronnie (pm1) and Newton (pm18) as well. Okay, my results today, 7 rounds around KLCC park, is approximately 9.1km, at 1:10:56.

After I came back, I managed to catch "Without Limits" on 8TV (thanks Jamie for the info!). It's about the late Steve Prefontaine, or "Pre", a prolific Olympic runner, but died at the young age of 24 in a car accident.. drunk, I think. So.. don't drink and drive! Very inspiring for us runners. He believed that running was not only about winning, but also the importance of the WAY one wins. To quote Pre, "Running is a work of art". Wow... nothing like an early inspiration to run the Adidas race this weekend.. wish me luck!


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