Monday, September 06, 2004

The Biophonics in full gear... day 2 (4th Sept)

Ahhh, woke up when it was afternoon. I know.. I know... sleeping in so much, but coming back from a late mamak session after last night's gig.. biasa la. Anyway, I decided to chill out the whole day today, get as much rest as possible before Adidas KOTR the next morning. Went online for a while, watch a bit of tv, then slept on the couch until evening. Makan here and there also. Got up, practiced an hour or so, got ready, makan-ed dinner and headed to Alexis for the second night of the Biophonics gig.

Started around 10:30pm again. This time around, there was a bigger crowd compared to Friday night, yeah.. man. Some friends who came on Friday came again today! Woo hoo... thanks for the support!

The first set, like Friday, started out somewhat apprehensive (at least from what we noticed from the crowd). Me and Greg were talking about it, and it seemed to us that somehow during the first set, the audience seemed to be wondering what we were doing. But when the second set takes place, most of them just went with it and just enjoyed the music and the energy from the band. Personally, I think all of us were just having a ball playing, we (myself in particular) were just having fun on stage, dancing and singing and all. For those who do come to some of the shows that I get to do, you'll know that singing wasn't much of a thing for us.. but in this band, we were singing backup vocals and all that with full force. But whether we sang nice or not.. hahahaa... I dunno la.. TEMBAK only la.. hahaha..

But like last night, the funk was fat and the groove was heavy.. and the music just rocked the house.. or FUNKED up the house, if you must have it! And that was all that mattered. But sh*t.. believe it or not.. we got encores for BOTH NIGHTS!!! I've played and seen several bands played in Alexis the last couple of months, and not a lot of the bands that played could command an encore. Yeah, man.. kick-butt!!! The audience was great... really great!

Greg Lyons and The Biophonics in full gear! Posted by Hello

We ended the encore just before 1am... wah liao.. so late already. We immediately packed after we finished, talked a bit to a few friends, and left Alexis. Gotta sleep earlier la... prepping for KOTR!

At home, I pinned my bibs, and packed my running bag with stuff I needed for the race: Change of shirt, towels, water, my Nike Hydration Pack, New Balance 765s, Nike Dri-Fit socks (they're awesome!), my second pair of Asics running gear (YELLOW!) and bibs, camera, wallet, 3/4 PowerBar Protein Bar (man, these stuff are hard to eat!), PowerGel Choc flavour.. that's about it.

Ok.. time to tidur!

Next up: Adidas King Of The Road 10K!

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